Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Goals Challenge Winner

Hello all!

I just wanted to announce the winner of the Goals Challenge. Eeny Meeny Miny Moe and the winner is Denise! :) Thanks for playing Denise and I will have a goody in the mail for you on Friday!

Thanks for all who played along, I loved looking at your stuff! Have a great week!

Ok, so this picture is only here for the "Awwwwwwwwwwweeee" Factor. :) So cute.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

December Goal Challenge

A scrapper's Goal is sometimes elusive, but when we set one up, it tends to give us motivation to scrap. Kind of like wanting to be a teacher made me go through 5 years of college and lots of irritation for very little pay! :) Ok, so I love my kids and that makes it all worth while and I always have a new set of babies to scrap.

My goals for this weekend are 2 pages on my Calendars (this is finish May and get June done!)
This is what they looked like in the beginning! :) So, I have made progress from there and that motivates me to finish!

That is a total of 6 pages. Let's see if I can do it! :)

I also have lots of die cuts and things to make for the bulletin board at school too. :) I may show that later, if I get the pages done! :)

Put your goals in the comments below and if you meet all your goals I will put a small RAK in the mail to you on Monday! :)
Thanks for playing and have a fun!!! Now Set some goals and SCRAP!

Monday, December 01, 2008

December Sketch and some sad news.

Gettin Sketchy's December Sketch

Here is December's Sketch:

Here is my take on this sketch! :)

The sad news is I will be leaving Gettin Sketchy after this month. I officially resign from the CT Janury 1, 2009, for various reasons. When school starts again after the holidays my class is going to almost double and I will not have time for scrapping let alone posting and doing my assignments, etc.

Philosophical reasons include my desire to do my own designs again. I am not at all happy scrapping someone else's designs. I think I am burnt out on sketches. The idea behind doing a sketch was to do a sketch when I was stuck for a design. I could go to a sketch and still get a layout done. However, I have become very reliant on sketches and stopped designing my own layouts. With that being said, it is time to back off sketches and have fun designing again. Even if my style is blocky and linear, it will be my design...not how someone else told me to do it. :) Now, don't think I'm knocking sketches that is not it at all. I do love to do them when I'm stuck, I got lazy and stopped doing things my own way! :) I want to go back to sketching once a week during guitar lessons and come home and work on the sketches I have developed while listening to my son play guitar.

Thank you so much for having me at Gettin Sketchy, but I believe it is time for me to find my own way again.

Hugs and Keep On Scrappin!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

November Sketch and Winner of Blog Candy!!!

Hi everyone! We have a new sketch at GettinSketchy! :) It is similar to last month's with the
four little photos.

Here is my take on the sketch using the kit from last month's prize. The CT got a chance to play with some of the products in the kit and this is what I did with my share! It was very nice of Spud to let us play with her kit! :)

Now the moment you have all been waiting for!!!
Lis (Melissa) is the winner of the blog candy. Thank you for playing Lis and Kathea. Kathea you will be getting a consolation prize for playing too! :) Please send me your addresses so I can send out your prizes. Thanks again for playing! :)
Happy Scrapping everybody! :)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Blog Candy!!! The NON-Challenge

I have a bonus challenge for you.
Do not use any challenge, do not use any Sketches…Just use your imagination to do a page.
Do whatever you want…This is actually a NON-Challenge.

The reason why I have this challenge for you is because I just put all the pages I have done since August away ( it is a truly paltry number) and found EVERY ONE of them were in response to a challenge. Whether it was part of the CT duties at Gettin’ Sketchy or Lifetime Moments Scrapfests or Dedicated Swappers II Scrap off challenge. Not one thing was just because. Not one item was just because I wanted to scrap. That scares me now that I have turned my beloved hobby into something “I have to do.”
Not a single one of these pages were my own creation or idea. None, nada, Zip. What happened? I never used sketches 3 years ago and I truly LOVED my pages. Now I look at my pages and they are all starting to look the same.
Becky Fleck is a talented sketch artist…but they are all HER style, not mine, wait a minute, what is my style? I don't remember anymore., Any way, Becky's pagemaps are all looking quite the same after awhile, the same with Mrs. Becky Higgins, and why did she fall by the way side? We all got tired of it.
Right now I’m sick to death of sketches…they are useful in a pinch, but I think I am now way too reliant on them. I think it is time to cancel some subscriptions and go back to doing what I used to do. Sketch and draw myself.

One of my happiest times was when I could just take the time and sketch. I loved the hour I would get to sketch by going to the community center while my daughter took her Hula lesson. I sketched a week’s worth of ideas and then went home and did them. They didn’t always look the same as the sketch I drew afterward, but I had done it myself, I had tweaked it myself.

I really can’t remember the last time I did that. What has happened to me and my love of glue and paper, now I can’t seem to put a page together unless someone tells me what to do. Where to put this element, how large the photo can be, what kind of borders do I need, what colors am I going to use. Ack!!! What happened to me?

Ok so here comes the Blog Candy! :0)

Submit your challenge layouts to me, (and if I recognize any sketches, I’m going to disqualify it!):-) (this also includes colorblocking templates, etc)

Submit your challenges here IN the comment section down below and you will be in the running for an autumn surprise package shown above that includes Prima Flowers, Flair Designs autumn stickers, Goodie box by Doodlbebug, brads, 10 sheets of paper from Rusty Pickle, Sweetwater, and Around the block, Magic Scraps faux buttons, and Karen Foster Stickers, and other assorted odds and ends. Thanks for reading! :0)
Happy Scrapping!!! (really scrapping!)

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The new sketch at GettinSketchy

I heard lots of of people say that they weren't crazy about the one picture layout! :) This should cure that! :) Enjoy and don't forget to post your link to your page in the comment section or email gettinsketchy@hotmail.com! Thanks and have a great day!
My take on this sketch! :)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Another take on the sketch

Here is another one using the sketch for September.

Scrap off challenge use the GettinSketchy sketch for September.

And a few other layouts I have done recently for the scrap off on Dedicatted Swappers. (We should be called Dedicated Shoppers! LOL Here they are:
Scrap off Challenge: Scrap your favorite _____________________

Next challenge was to use as much paper as you wanted, but only one embellishment. You can use as many of that one embellishment as you want, but only one kind! (I used buttons) :)
Scrap off challenge, use an embellished border on your layout. Mine was the ribbon on the bazzill with an edge.
I hope you like what I've been doing lately, Can't wait for the Ocotober fest challenge on LM to do a layout a day, maybe I will get it done! :) Maybe I can get my Calendars done for Christmas early. :) Hugs, and thanks for coming by.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

New Sketch

A new sketch is available on GettinSketchy and here it is! :)

Here is my interpretation of the sketch this month. A sweet photo of Branch when he was 6 or 7 years old climbing the Crepe Mertyl in our front yard at Moody Air Force Base GA! :)
I miss my kids being little but I don't think I would like to go back to just that small. :)
I wouldn't want to be without my husband again, and during that time in our lives he was gone so much! I'm so glad we are no longer part of the Air Force, we really like having a steady family life.
I will have good news tomorrow! :) I will keep you guys hanging on! :)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

School's IN!!!

School's in and boy do I have a wonderful little bunch of students. So far I have 7 students and they are as cute as they can be! OH MY! I think I may be in love! :) I know I am. Well, here is what the classroom looks like now, (compared to the nightmare that used to be my classroom) :)

As soon as you walk into the room this is what you see. I have curtains over all the toys and distractions in the shelves. The kids have a hard time focusing if they have too many things to look at. It is rather soothing in the classroom now instead of hard to breath! :)
This is the table and the back counter and cabinets where we have lots of stuff hidden from the kids, but inviting too. :)
This is an over view of the room from the door, You can see the kitchen and household play, you see the rice table (it is the picnic table that opens up) The little table with the red chairs is the art center, the back table is the job table/lunch table. In the far corner of the room is my desk and the kitchen area. :)
In other news. Bethanie and Branch are now in High School Together. Branch is a Senior, and Bethanie is a Freshman. I can't believe both of my babies are in the same school again. It has been a very long time since that has happened. (Bethanie was in 2nd grade when Branch moved up) :( Branch loves being a senior, Bethanie is still unsure of herself in the high school but she will love it in time. (I HOPE)!
So, Mom is still in the Hospital in Atlanta, we are hoping that she will get moved to the Warm Springs Roosevelt Institute for Rehabilitation soon, it is killing dad to have to drive to Atlanta every day.
I am starting to love my job again at OBE (The best place to be...)
Have a great night and I will be posting my September Layout soon for GettinSketchy!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

It's been a long time

It has been a long time since I blogged. Lots of things have happened...too much really.

My last day at Pea Ridge Elementary was June 8, 2008. I don't think I have ever been so sad about leaving a job in my life. I am excited about the new job but at the same time, I have never felt so much at home in a school. It was such a nice experience, I will miss all my friends.

(This is a bunch of the Pea Ridge Crew on my Birthday, From left to right...

Becca, Cindy, Amanda, Diane, Me, Bea, Tiffanie) (yes, Bea is real Michelle!) LOL

I am going to Oriole Beach Elementary as a Pre-K teacher of 3 year olds. I'm excited about the job but sad to leave my friends. I will be getting a pay raise in that I won't have to pay for the bridge or for gas, but I have a feeling I will be spending a LOT more time at school. Here is a picture of an extremely messy room. Hopefully the next time I blog about my room it will be nice and clean and ready for my students and parents for orientation! :)

More news in June...

My mom went into the hospital June 13, 2008 and is currently still there...she has been in 4 different hospitals and has had 3 different life threatening illnesses and I will be so glad when she finally gets to go home.

My Father in law (Billy Sr.) had a heart attack and a stroke at the same time as my mother's illness. My husband and I have asked God not to do that to us if he can help it. Each of us having a parent in the hospital at the same time was horrible...we were both so worried about our parents and each other. I am so grateful we still have them here in our lives and able to enjoy them.
July came and went, worried about parents, working in my new classroom...trying hard to enjoy all the people in our lives and make memories. Not fooling around with the computer as much and starting to scrapbook more! :)

My mom and my sister's birthday was yesterday. Lots of traveling this week. Monday Billy went to New Mexico for work, Tuesday I took the kids, and the dog to my mom and dad's...spent Wednesday with my mom at the hospital...then came home today. Lots of driving but so worth it to see my mom smile. I saw her and I cried my eyes out, she looked so much better than when I saw her last in I.C.U...she was in a coma, this time she could communicate with me. It was so much better. Thank you God for answering my prayers, I still have my mom!

Tomorrow brings in August and I'm a little bit Sad. Branch will be 18 this year. How did my boy get so old, how did I get so damn old? LOL. I'm so grateful that everything that the doctors told me was wrong! :) I am so glad that I never stop believing in him and that he knew it. :)

I guess I am too tired to make any more sense and I will be so happy my husband comes home tomorrow so i can finally get some sleep! :)

Good night and I will write again soon! :)


Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

Memorial Day

I have a hard time saying “Happy Memorial Day” as it is not supposed to be a happy occasion. Does anyone else feel that way too?
I know in Hawaii they spend lots of time making Lei’s for all the graves on all the islands. The kids in school make lei’s for tombs all over the islands, it is lovely tradition.
When you go to the Punchbowl (it is a crater that is also a National Cemetery) there are lei’s on every tomb. It is powerfully sad and makes you proud too.
The Hawaiian’s are fiercely patriotic and that is something that the folks here in the mainland do not know. They celebrate the day they were entered into the union (Statehood Day August 20) It is a state Holiday, but they also celebrate their heritage, with King Kamehameha and Prince Kuhio days. Aloha festival is a mixture of Hawaiian pride and now American pride. The one thing that is little known is that they are very respectful of the dead and they take remembrance seriously, that no one is forgotten. It seems the Hawaiians truly know what Memorial Day is about and sadly those of us on the mainland seem to have forgotten.

Memorial Day is supposed to be a day of remembering those who have gone before us. Memorial Day is for remembering those who have lost their lives fighting for the freedoms we have.
Memorial Day is for those who have gone before us in our family who made us what we are today. Instead Memorial Day has turned into the beginning of summer, and how much can we pack into 3 days instead of what the day was supposed to be.
It is hard for me to say Happy Memorial Day.

Have a Good Memorial Day, Remember those who you loved, remember those who served, but most of all, just Remember what the day is for.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Autism Awareness Month and Mother of the Year

This is a letter I wrote to a lady with a Child with Autism...this has history and some of you know it and some of you don't. I want to make sure that everyone knows about autism, it is coming to a family near you sooner than you like!

I got the greatest gift the day after World Austism Awareness Day. (april 5, 2008)
I get a telephone call from a lady connected to Branch (my son) through a job program that he participates in school. She also volunteers with the County Fair to help organize it every year and her program that she runs is the Mother of the Year Contest that is held every year. A family member writes a letter about the mother and it is voted on by a committee and the top five are sent to the judges. How flattering that a member of your family wants the whole world to know that you are the best mom in our county. (how cool is that anyway...remember I am the mother of teen agers!) LOL

My beautiful son wrote a letter to tell everyone that "My mother is the best mother of Santa Rosa County." Wow, "gulp" here come the tears...he never said I love you to me spontaneoulsy until he was 7 (it was the day before his 8th birthday and I cried like a baby). Wow! Here he is at 17 reading a letter he wrote to tell everyone how he thinks I'm the best mom in the county! The letter stated some observations about me, I am a teacher, I am a scrapbooker, I like to go shopping at Target and I like going to Starbucks. He then says I take him to guitar lessons, she cleans our house, she gives me new video games, and take me everywhere. Not a super sophisticated letter, but the love in it, is amazing. He noticed so much about me that I didn't think he noticed and boy does he notice! The results of the contest were not that important...I came in 4th runner up (5th place) hehehe...but really I was THE MOTHER OF THE YEAR... I kept thinking back almost 14 years ago thinking: If I believed everything I was told when he was diagnosed. I don't think he would have ever done all the things that he has accomplished in his life. I didn't believe in what they told me, I said "No" and proceeded to teach him the things that I thought he would need. I did a lot of things right by accident and then when both of my children were in school I went to college and became a special education teacher. I was hoping to stay ahead of him by this field of study and...sometimes it works, sometimes it didn't and then I found that he taught me WAAAAAAAY more than anything I learned in college! :)

Funny thing about all the things we do for our children with autism when they are very young...it PAYS OUT! I know my son will live on his own, I know he will have a job, I know he is going to be OK when I leave this world. And because all of this will happen, I know I have done my job and here is the best part ...HE NOTICED!

If you read all this, thank you for letting me share.
Happy Autism Awareness Month. :) We will get the message out >>> HOPE!

Here is the actual letter that he wrote...if you click on it, it will come up larger on your screen. :)

Here we are at the Santa Rosa County Fair, Branch is reading the letter to everyone. (this is the first time I heard it too!)

Branch and I on the stage, getting my award and stating that April is Autism Awareness Month. I let everyone know that I was more proud than I could even state! :) What an awesome kid!

This is us on stage and I was awarded a beautiful picture of the prettiest hibiscus and a goody bag of items from the Santa Rosa County Fair. (It includes a 30 minute massage!) Yippie!

Ok, I know this is a longer post than normal and not a thing to do with scrapbooking! I will add a Flikr show of all my layouts for the month soon. Hopefully before next month starts! :)

Thanks for reading and letting me brag about my boy! I love this guy! He is an awesome kid!

Friday, April 11, 2008


One of the Newest Creative Team member at Gettin' Sketchy! WOO HOO...I'm so excited! :) I love being part of a team and I haven't been able to do that for a long time. It is so nice to finally be established enough in the new house/job/area to pursue other things I like to do too! :)

The sketch this month is:

Please go to http://www.gettinsketchy.blogspot.com/
This is the coolest thing too...PRIZES!!! All you have to do is your take on the sketch and upload it to a gallery and then link the layout in a comment on the blog and we pick a sketch and call it winner and they get a PRIZE!! WOO HOO...talk about fun stuff!
I'm psyched up about this. My family is happy for me.

Now, on to the not so good news. (I always start with the good news right?)

Billy's night in the E.R.

My Dear sweet Billy has been hurting on the left side of his belly for about a week or little longer. He can't even stand straight up as it hurts, he says it feels like he is being ripped apart from the inside. It makes me so sad, he is in so much pain. We were in the Emergency room from 4:00 PM to almost 12:00 AM last night trying to get answers about why he is having pain. They had him give a urine sample, four vials of blood (the vampires!) an IV was inserted, and a barium CT scan. The last is what took so long. He had to drink 3 large cups of the Tang-like concoction down over 4 hours. After that he was glowing on the inside and they had him do the scan.

His appendix is fine, his labs looked fine, he does not have any kind of infection, and he does not have a hernia. We kind of found out the NOT's but not the What is it! We were told he needs to go to his regular doctor to get a referal to a gastronologist and they will most likely have a colonoscopy done. Poor guy. The highlight of the night, he got MORPHINE to ease his pain, as soon as the pain went away he realized he was hungry. He has not been able to enjoy eating because every time he eats he hurts. He knows he must eat so that he does not get sick because he is not eating right. He is truly danged if he does and danged if he doesn't. I'm sad he has this problem, he is hurting and I can't make it better. Isn't that my job to make things better for everyone, and I hate it when I can't because a very real part of my psyche believes that I am failing him. How am I failng him because I can't make him feel better. I think it is the mom syndrome, trying to make things better for everyone. All I can do now is trust the Lord is watching over him and he will show us the right way.

I also have other really good news but I can't put it after this...My beautiful son! :) That will be in the next post! :) Hugs and thank you for reading.


Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Easter

For all of you who celebrate Easter! :) Happy Easter!

I'm trying to get my Scrapbook Mojo back and what better way then to have a mini crop for Easter! :)

Easter Crop:

Who wants to have some fun this weekend and get some scrapping done! :) I am so ready to have some fun scrappin' this weekend! :)

I am going to list 5 challenges for this weekend.

Challenge 1:

How many of us made some kind of bunny in Elemetary school that had felt ears, googly eyes and a milk carton and some cotton balls. My challenge to you is to use some felt on your layout or set of 4 cards.

Challenge 2:

Oh, all those pictures of eggs, decorating, hiding, inside Easter baskets. The challenge this time is..yep, you guessed it...use eggs/ovals in a layout or a set of four cards! :) You just must use the shape, it does not need to be Easter related, but come on, we have all those pictures you may as well use them!

(this one is left challenge 2 and right is challenge 5. :)

challenge 3:

Spring really has sprung...March 20 was the first day of spring. (really for all you snow encrusted people it really has! :)

My Challenge for you is to use "Spring" in your title somewhere. Even if it is a "spring in your step" kind of layout. Or maybe a slinky layout...who knows, but spring must be in the title somewhere! :)

challenge 4:

Use this sketch from Becky Fleck's PageMaps! :)

Challenge 5

My Last Easter challenge for you is related to that ever famous Easter bunny! Do a page about an animal/animals. It could be a pet, a zoo, or even your kid acting like a monkey! :) Just use animals on your layout somewhere. (animal die cuts to pictures, I really don't care how you use it!) Use animals on your layout or set of 4 cards! :)

Enjoy my little Easter Challenge, post your stuff in the comment box on my blog or set up a file on DS2. So have fun...Oh yea, prizes, durn I forgot about someone maybe wanting a prize! :)

BONUS Challenge! Did you know that Polaroid is no longer making film. After this year they will no longer be making the polaroid instant film. So my challenge is to do a layout using your old or new polaroids! :)

Graduated schedule on the prizes! :)

Do 1 challenge and get put in for a 41 cent rak. (the prize will fit in an envelope and be sent with one stamps)

Do 2 challenges and you get put in for an 82. cent rak! (the prize will fit in a 6 x 9 manilla with 2 stamps! :)

Do 3 challenges and you are going to get a mini book with some assorted emblishments to go with it! :)

Do 4 challenges and Congratulations you got a lot done this weekend! You are also set to win a page done by me! (send me pics and I'll scrap it for you!)

Do 5 challenges and you get put in for a michael's Gift Card worth 10 dollars or a set a the sizzlit back to school 4 die set. (a 19.99 value)

bonus challenge is just for fun and can be combined with the other 5.

All of these challenges are NOT to be combined, only the bonus challenge can be combined with Challenges 1 through 5.

Have fun!
Thanks for playing and if you don't get to play have fun with your family! :)
Hugs and let the Scrapbooking begin!

Friday, March 14, 2008


My newest layout!
It only took me forever to get it done!!! Jeez, but here it is and yes I'm proud of it.
The layout is from Get Sketchy and this is sketch #9. I like it, but I wish there was a place for journaling as part of the sketch.

Here is the Tagged Part! :)
Here are the rules:
Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog.
Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
Here are my 7 random/weird facts:1.
1. I met my husband at the Fountain City Music Festival in Columbus Georgia on November 12, 1983. I still have the tiny piece of paper from the program that he wrote his number on.
2. I have a weird little effect with my hands. When I close my right hand in a fist my left hand tries to mimic the same movement. When I write with a pen in my right hand, I have to put my left hand in my lap. I do that because my left hand moves like it is writing, however my handwriting with my left hand is atrocious! :)
3. I love tomatoes in my macaroni and cheese!
4. My son was named by my sister-in-law Karen. ( I miss her every day, she died in 1997)
5. My daughter was born on my childhood best-friend's birthday. January 7!
6. I drowned when I was 4, and had to be resusitated at the beach before I went to the hospital where I stayed for 7 days! I was terrified of the ocean for 25 years afterwards!
7. I lost an adult tooth boogey boarding in Hawaii...I probably should have stayed out of the water! LOL It was soooooooooo much fun until then though! :)
ok I am going to tag no one as I have no one other than these people to tag and Julie already did it. So I'm playing the game in that I answered the questions! :) Kathea, Holly, Marybeth (her blog is new, hopefully this will get her going!), Lis, Tiara and Elaine.
Have a great night ya'll and happy scrappin' I'm going to try to get another layout out of me before bed! :)

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Leap Day

Today is Leap Day! I don't remember the last leap day but I know it happened in 2004 just doing the math! :) This year I have a few pictures of me at school because it was crazy hat day. Do I have pictures uploaded on my computer yet...NOPE! :)

Lots of neat things going on around here. Billy got a JOB with Tybrin Corporation out of Eglin. Yippee and the only one boo hiss in the whole thing. He has to drive an hour to and from work every day. He started work on Monday. His first full week of work and he is wiped out! :) It was funny last Sunday we were hanging out and I would take a picture of Billy and say "your last day of retirement. " The last few months have been really weird but eye opening. We really used to blow a lot of money. Thank you Lord for the lesson, we will be getting out of debt! :)

Ok, scrapbook wise lately, I have been redoing my room. (AGAIN!) LOL Not really an again, just slowly working towards the plan I had from the beginning.
It just takes time and I figure if you own the house you can take all the time you want, right? :)

These are some of the cubes I have been buying a few a time and adding to the room. It makes the room look a lot less cluttered. :) I really like the streamlined look! :) I really hated the plastic iris carts. This room is much too pretty for iris carts!

I hate the stuff poking out of the divided cubes, but I don't think I can ever help that! :) It just means I have to use it up! :) I am trying to do that but don't seem to have much motivation lately. I joined the Month long Cybercrop on DS2 yahoo group and all I managed to get was 67 points! Geez! What is wrong with me lately. I have plenty of pictures to scrap and lots of ideas, just not taking the time to do it. Of course, I have been spending a lot of time with Billy in the evenings and I have been going to bed really early! :) I'm still trying to get myself well, I still have this lingering coughing and sniffling thing! UGH!!! Branch does too. It might be time to go back to the Doctor and say, hey this is not virus...after a month it is not a VIRUS! :(
Hopefully soon I will get my mojo back! :)
Now here is a deeper look of a very sick mind!! :)
What are inside these drawers you ask? Some of the things in there are dies and other stuff..just lots and lots of stuff! :)

I really think I might have a problem with collecting chipboard and dies. Nah!!!
I have even changed these pictures since I took them! I have added a 30 tier paper rack like you see in a scrapbook store to hold all the paper that is in the wire rack on top of the cubes. :) I really like being able to see my paper easier than in the cropper hopper paper holders. I have been putting my big scrap pads on all the tiers and that helps! :)
I am going to go to bed now as I am rambling now! good night!

Saturday, February 02, 2008


I have been busy this week with the mailboxes again! :)

Here are few pics of these things and then I will be posting them on ebay! :)

I am also going to try to make a layout for the Peek Winter Quotes and pagemap contests. I need some scrappy supplies, but I don't have a budget right now! :) (Ok, I don't need them, but I would like to get some of the new goodies coming out!) LOL

This is the one I call the Heart mailbox. It has heart patterned paper and prima flowers and is just frilly and girly! :)
I love using up my stuff on such pretty items. I am going to list them on ebay and if they don't sell then I am going to try to sell them at school.
We will see! :)
This is the Love Notes mailbox, the original one that I have on the previous post. I only changed the charm and how it is hung. I really didn't like th safety pin on it before it just really bothered
me and it didnt look right! :)
This is more appropriate charm and way to hang it! Love that I am finding more uses for all those shaped paper clips we bought a long time ago! I still love all my making memories things, but I think I'm tired of them hanging around here.
Oh and if you are wondering, yes those Hershey's miniature candies wrapped in the coordinating papers! :) Cute stuff! :)
This is the Hugs and Kisses mailbox. This is my favorite one of the bunch. I secretly hope it won't sell, but if it does, I will make one very similar to it for Billy for V. Day. It is so cute! :)
I think it is just adorable and this one has more miniature Hershey bars in there. Just too yummy for words. I just wish they would all photograph as well as they came out! :)
Just love the tic tac toe on the side. I really am loving Heidi Swapp products again. (yes that is paper tape) The die cut letters are marisa mini Quickutz. I just love using my tools and my stash up. The lace is the last of what I had bought in Hawaii. So, no more cheap Ben Franklin lace! :) Time to go to Hobby lobby! LOL
Thanks for looking guys! :) Have a Great Weekend. I'll post the Contest layouts when I get them finished! :)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Target Tool Caddy

This is my Target Tool Caddy made by Jetmax. I know Michaels, AC MOORE and Target all sell the same Jetmax cubes in various ways. Target is the only one I have seen with the tool caddy though. For the large cubes I need about 6 more to make my room complete! LOL... I only have 15 of them right now! LOL...Sad I know! :) Anyway, I want to get all the iris carts out of my room and into my classroom. I want to get my dies in the jetmax cubes because right now they are in the iris carts and the drawers are really hard to open and close! :)

The tool caddy has four sides. Two picture sides that also have drawers. This smaller drawer has 3 compartments in it. I hold my carl shape blades in here and some fiskar refills. (That is how come I knew I was out of them when I went for them the other day, 3 scoring blades and 0 cutting blade cartridges..grrrrrr. Notice there is a photo in the side...it is not staying here I just put a photo in there so you could see where it goes! :) I really don't want a picture of my computer in my tool caddy! :) (it is a pic of Rajah behind the computer, cute as a button and going to be scrapped today!) This side of the inside holder has my files and emory boards and Basic Grey precision file kit. I really don't know how I filed my chipboard letters before I got this set because it makes my life so durn easy. Paint brushes live in this side too :)

This second side of the tool caddy is also a drawer and photo area. This drawer is just one large junk drawer! :) Just kidding, I have my tombo mono and my herma adhesive runners in there and the curvy cutter tool and refill blades. The drawer is rather roomy and you can get more stuff in it than you think! :) This side of the inside holder has various pens inside and one usless Fiskar 5 in one tool. (I really hate that thing)!


This third view of the boxy little caddy has a magnet board and comes with 4 strong magnets. I plan on decorating them at some point! :) Probably today now that I'm embarrassed! :) I am thinking flowers that make me happy! :)
The inside of this caddy has an X that lets you hold your stand up tools. The problem is that it is slick on the bottom and nothing stood up, it is kind of like a cup. So I added some of the florist styrofoam so that my tools would stand up. It is working like a charm! :) I put my jewlers tongs and button shank remover tip side down inside the styrofoam, it has the added benefit of keeping me safe!


The fourth side of the this caddy has a place to stick pens in an elastic holder. That is where I keep my cutterbee scissors and my tweezerbee and alligator clips for chalking...always handy. This is my dangerous side! If you notice in the back that the exacto knife does not have a top. It got lost in the move! :( So, I have impaled my fingers on that thing several times before I got the styrofoam. Now I have not hurt myself on it once! YAY! I know put it tip down, I can't do that, it would be too hard to find!


Now this is the part you didn't know, I have 2 of these tool caddys! They are on both sides of my work space by my window. The second one holds bigger tools in the X, like the instant setter and the grommet setter kits by Making Memories, they are in there and my cork board for my paper piercer...the drawers hold my magic matter (yes I still have it) and some of the inks I use ALL the time! :)

Now looking at this people ask, why didn't you just get teh Making Memories Tool Caddy with 8 sides, yada yada yada...it wasn't out when I bought these things in July! I wish I could have had that system instead, I think it would have suited me well, but it was not available and if you haven't noticed, Im kind of a "gotta have it now" kinda girl! That is changing, slowly but surely, but I WAS once the one that was first in line to get everything and sometimes that hurts you! Something better always comes out later...so I'm trying to wait till later! :)

If you have any other questions let me know or if you want a close up view of anything I'll do it! :)

Winter Blues

Hi all!

It has been a weird week. I am still trying to get over this sickness. I have a sinus yucky, my nose is rebelling and trying very hard to run off my face or make my head feel like it is full of cotton! I am tired, just so tired all the time! :( I am sure it is winter blues and I'm sure it is getting me down more than I thought it would. I did not have the winter blues in Hawaii...I really miss Hawaii right now. It is cold, very cold to me and very disheartening. Hate the cold!

The only bright spots are Jayne is coming on Monday! She said she would call me! :) I am excited about that! And I get to go to work and see my kids. I just hope I'm well enough to not sneeze or blow boogers on them.

I have been busy scrapbook wise or altering wise! :) I have more pictures of stuff I have been making. I am thinking of selling some of the mailboxes on ebay, but I'm afraid they won't sell and then I will have listing fees to pay and well, we aren't rich right now! :)

I also have a secret pal at school, she is one of the other teachers. I am going to be gifting her with this

on Monday. Monday's are usually my hardest days to get motivated. Hopefully this will make her Monday! :)

Ok, now on the homefront. Billy got a letter from Pensacola for the Assisstant Director to the Airport in town. This is the job that Billy really wants. The letter is for a background check and then after that comes clear then they will start the process for interviewing and hiring! :) Everyone pray!

Bethanie and Branch are doing Great. Bethanie's Birthday party and her cake came out great.
Check this layout out about her Birthday! That cake went over so well!!! NOT...We got lots of EWWW that's Gross! Some of the kids couldn't eat it, but it really did taste good!

Branch got in trouble yesterday, they sent his report card in the mail. They only send report cards in the mail when there is a bad grade on them. He got an F in Social Personal Skills. Then he tried to say ..."But Mom I have Autism." I thought I was going to die laughing!

I told him that class was made to help him and that he had to do his best and an F told me he was not trying his best. He said he would try to do better, but I will get in touch with the teacher to find out what is going on too. If he needs a coach or help that is one thing, but if they are expecting him to do things on his own, that is not going to happen until they TEACH the skill they want him to know. I don't think they have. Hummmm, that gets my advocate/teacher self mad! The Mom part wants to make him feel better, the teacher part says, if my student failed what have I not done to make him understand what I am trying to teach. Funny how when one of my students have failed I feel like I have failed. I hope that is how is teacher feels. If he did not do homework or all of his classwork, that is one thing, but if she is expecting him to read something and do it on his own, then she will have hell to pay! He doesn't learn that way!

Sorry this is such a long post! I didn't mean to do that! I am going to make another post about my tool caddy for my scrapbook friends! :) So, this is going to be fun for family and for my scrap freinds!

thanks for reading this and see you later!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Happy Sunday

I have been trying to get my scrap book mojo back, but I'm also trying to get some of the big items out of my room. This includes ALL those items I bought to alter! :) SO, I have been getting a few things out! :)

A little something for Bea. It is a late Birthday present! :)

This is also the way I used wire in that challenge for Winterfest.

Tara told me someone paid for my fee so I could ge the points. I sure wish she would tell me who so I can thank them! Tara if it is you...Thank you so much!

I also made a card tin for my neice for her birthday next month. Bea and I had made all the cards for the QVC TSV way back when, so I used those cards and filled up a lunch tin for my neice! :) I hope she likes it! :)

I used her favorite colors in the lunch tin. Purple of course, she is a lot like me.
For you scrapbook addicts, all the papers used were Rita Marie, the letters are chipboard by Pressed Petals...ink colorbox, the ribbon is stuff I have had in my stash for a very long time! :)
I had fun making stuff, but I truly want to get back to making scrapbook pages!
I still have a couple of other things to do and then hopefully I will be able to scrap more! :)
Billy is at his Mom's house today, he will be gone until Tuesday. He is helping his mom out so she can have a cataract removed on Monday. She has another Dr's appointment on Tuesday and then he should be home that evening. Billy has a Dr's appointment on Wednesday for a sleep study for sleep apnea. I'm sure he has it.
Enough stuff for now...see it is a miracle I posted two days in a row! :)
I hope to post more creations later! :)
Have a Happy Sunday!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Something I did last night

This is a layout I did last night. First time since October I scrapped a page just for my book! It was nice. I got an idea from Tim Holtz's blog for the January Technique challenge. You should try it! :) It was a lot of fun and made me pull out my embossing powders and heat setter! I haven't done that in forever!

This layout brought back so many good memories, and made miss Shannon! Hopefully soon we can meet in Georgia, I'm hoping for the summer time! :)

I also made a bunch of altered items lately! :) I am becoming the altered queen, I will post pictures when I finally take some pictures of them! I still have more stuff to make! UGH! I'm sick of stuff and want to go back to scrapping! :)

Goals for 2008

Seriously my goals in 2008

January, my family comes here and celebrates Bethanie’s birthday with her!!!
February….go to Zoe’s birthday party
March go to Korisma’s birthday party
Two weekends later for Papaw's birthday
April be there for Grandpa's Birthday
May Go to GA for my birthday and to see Michelle’s new baby.

June Look for another job
July Have 4th of July here at home…
August : Celebrate Branch and Meme’s birthdays together
September School stuff
October Stay home and start getting ready for Christmas

Goals for 2008
Yikes, too many to count.
Things that float around in your head like
I need to lose weight
I need to use up my scrap stuff
I would like to try selling some of the stuff I make on ebay or at the base
I would like to try to become financially independent no more credit card debt
I would like to find a better paying job over the summer. (I love teaching, but face it, we don't make that much money)
I want to get all of my dental problems taken care of
I desperately need that implant folks! LOL I hate having this little thing attached to my teeth!
That doesn't even cover the things I want to get done in the house in 2008. Curtains and pictures on all the walls would be nice! LOL

Ali had a great idea on her blog. To list a word and that kind of be my theme for the year!
so my Word to Live by this year.... LIVE!!! :)

I am not going to let my life happen, I'm going to CONTINUE to LIVE my life. I have been doing many things the last few years I never thought I would. This year I plan on continuing to LIVE.
I will LIVE with Autism and continue to love my son, I will LIVE with enthusiasm as my children grow into beautiful adults!
I will LIVE with Compassion when me and my husband ARGUE...I will LIVE with determination to make my goals real.I will LIVE with what happens in our day to day world and not let it sidetrack me into wishing away this day that is "too hard."I will LIVE with the knowledge that my ATTITUDE changes many things.In the end I just want to LIVE in 2008.

A lot of heavy stuff. Next post won't be so heavy! PROMISE! :)