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The Word


That is my word for thise year. I am going to try to appreciate all that I have, meaning my family, my health and my life.

I am going to go and make something right now to help me remember to appreciate all that I am, and maybe even try to do a mini book about the things I need to appreciate and the little things that I do appreciate.

Some of the little things:

Like a good cup of coffee
a nice back rub from my dear sweet hubby
a good purry kitty in my lap
a hug from a little girl who doesn't quite get it.

Some of the big things:

My Family
My house
My life

Did you notice my "job" isn't one of those things. I appreciate my job, but at the same time I'm not going to be ruled by it. As we were told that annual contract teachers MAY not be asked back. That makes me sad in that I feel I am NOT done with some of my students, but at the same time, it leaves me free to look at other options for jobs. I may not be a teacher 2009/2010 school year. It seems hardly fair…

The Pony Express

Bethanie's 16th birthday, no big party, no super sweet sixteen. She just wanted a small quiet happy birthday party. It was just me and Branch as Billy was gone for work. We went the next night to her favorite place to eat with Daddy! :) She is such a beautiful happy girl. I am so honored to know her, and to think we made her...mind boggling!

Here are some promised pictures of Bethanie during her first horse back riding lesson. She looks so grown up, I swear every time my kids have a birthday I get sadder. I know they won't be living with me much longer. Although I will be excited for them to meet the next challenge in their life, it breaks my heart to think I won't be able to see them whenever I want to.

Bethanie loving being on the horse, when the lesson was over the first thing she said was it was too short! :)

Ok, so this is 2 posts in one weekend. That is unusual at best! :)

Enjoy the rest of the pics.
Bethanie just about done! :)

Bethanie smiling..."my legs hurt&quo…

Promises Kept

Ok, so a long time ago I promised Bethanie we would look into getting Horse Back Riding Lessons again, it is time to keep promises. Tomorrow is her first lesson and part of her Birthday Present, I'm so excited for her. She is tickled.

Big news this week is Bethanie turned 16. (Where oh where has my little girl gone?) I miss my little girl sometimes, but what a wonderful young lady we have. She is such a nice person, I'm so proud to know her.

Well, her birthday was something else. The day before her birthday Meme suprised both kids by giving them her old car. They are both so excited they have a car to learn to drive with. I'm excited for them too. I am happy that they will be able to learn to drive and have transportation at the same time, I'm terrified that they are going to be driving.

Billy went on a business trip this week, he left Monday and came back Thursday it was short and sweet, but he was so missed. I had such a hard time sleeping because he wasn't here. …

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!!

I have never been so happy to see a year end in my life. I know 2009 will be very challenging for work, but hopefully less heartbreaking personally.

My dear sweet husband said 2008 started badly and just continued to get worse. I have to agree. It was a bittersweet Christmas. We all missed Billy Sr. so much.

I hope that 2009 is more prosperous and happy for all of us.

I have a lot of lofty goals for 2009, I started today by weighing myself and being somewhat surprised. The last time I weighed myself was at the Dr.'s office in May and it was quite shocking! I have never been that heavy before so I was so shocked. I will never tell so don't ask what the number was! The only happy thing is I got on the scale and I have lost 18 pounds. I don't feel like I look like I have but the scale doesn't lie, does it? LOL (I even checked the scale by putting my hand weights on there to make sure it was accurate! :) )

Scrapbooking! :)

Yippee I have been scrapping again. Th…