Saturday, February 11, 2017

A Night to Shine

Branch did Shine! There was so much good last night, that I can't contain it.  Branch had a blast dancing and riding in a limo and he looked so dashing in his tuxedo.

So Handsome

Ready to dance the night away

Look at these good looking men.

Branch and Mom! :)

Branch stopped at Gamestop to see Bethie at work.  Then on to the big event.  I have not seen him this excited since we went to Georgia for Christmas.

Time to Shine Limo Ride

This will open to a Facebook page but it is public and you don't need to be a member to see the video. It will  work, so click the link. :)

 Branch and Erin
 Super Wonderful Buddy  Kathy Jones!  (she is responsible for all these awesome pictures!)
 Erin and Branch again.
 Everyone looks so handsome and beautiful.
 Branch is a King!
 Chick Fil A was a sponsor and provided Food.  Loving Chick Fil A
 Shoe Shine
 The venue, they turned the gym into something amazing!

They are getting their groove on!!!

Enjoy and thank you for coming by.

I want to say thank you to the Joyners for applying for the grant from Tim Tebow and our area being able to get one. It is a fantastic evening for everyone. Branch hopes that he can go again.

Stay tuned there will be many scrapbook pages for this night! :)
Love you all!


Saturday, October 31, 2015


It sure has been a long time.  I am thinking of deleting this, but there is so much history in this blog, it is hard for me to let it go. 

I have moved jobs once again, and am happy in this place for the time being. Nothing is forever and that is something that I am slowly learning. I have to keep going and loving and loving those who come with me for the ride.

I am becoming more adventurous in my OLD age! :) Paddle boarding, jet skiing, zip lining, all things that I wanted to try (not jet skiing) LOL but were afraid to do it because my kids would need me.  I have made some pretty awesome adults, it is time for me to have fun again! :)

More to come and to see, I will try to update occasionally to show you what we are up to! :)

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

Ok, so maybe that is a little Pre-mature seeing it is only December 31, 2013 and not quite 2014 yet!
I'm ok with that actually.
Loving my family and my life. It is good to be happy and upbeat most of the time again.
I was very sad for a very long time and feel like part of me is waking up again.
One thing I need to do is figure out my word for the year 2014.  Free set me up to finally be FREE of depression.  That was an entirely GREAT thing! :) Now to motivate my self for changes that need to be made.  Good Changes! :) So, we shall see. Maybe my word should be change!
We will see in the next post! :)
I am off to scrap! These pictures below and have fun playing with paper and think about my "word"
Have a great day!
Billy's Birthday. December 27, 2013... I won't say how old...I'll be kind. :)

Billy and his Best girl...Hailey

Yes, that is Branch telling Hailey (the super pup) to look at the camera! :)
Billy and I and Branch with Hailey.  Bethie is behind the camera.
It seems we all can't be in front of the camera at the same time.

Monday, January 21, 2013



That is my one little word for this year!
I have done lots of things with it already, like a calendar using the word all throughout. I love the idea of FREE.  It was actually my dear sweet husband that came up with the idea.  He thought about free spirit. I am a free spirit. I really don't do things like everyone else. It is the way of the Schaan girls. I think that I will always have a problem with conforming to do the "norm" LOL.  Lets just say that I am not NORMAL! And I really am ok with that! LOL

Beautiful pictures from our anniversary. I am in love and so lucky to be in love. It is going to be a great year!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Wow! It has been 7 months since I have written anything. I guess because I have been too busy living! :) That is a good thing.  Seriously good. I have been traveling and having fun with my best friend and love of my life! :)

Here is a wonderful surprise when he came home from Arizona in April.  Love this guy. :)
Got some awesome kids too! :)
Bethanie graduated...WOW Class of 2012!!!
Billy and I in the Atlanta Dugout!
What a wonderful weekend! :) SO MUCH FUN!!!!
Branch performing Green Day at Christmas time! :)
He surprised Billy so much! :-O  Let me show you his shocked face!
It has been a good year. I have found Joy in many places! I have had more fun and done more this year than I have my entire life. I am so curious to see what opportunities are ready for 2013!
Have a great day!
No Scrapping...think living is more important than documenting.
I will get to it again someday, but it is not my focus right now.
Have  a Good LIFE!!!!
It is too short to worry about the small stuff...

Monday, March 12, 2012

My room

I am making this post for my OLDEST friend in the world.  My very first friend.  She is a scrapper and is intrigued by a room for scrapping.  Here are some pictures snapped just now...not too clean but cleaner than most! lOL

Here you go Terri!
Just for you!

A work area with 2 lamps...It has my current collage for the school yearbook on it. :)
 Paper and die cut machines.  The pink boxes have dies.  The drawers on the side hold my cricut cartridges. See those wooden boxes of you want them? 

 Cricut expression 2 and cricut imagine. Awesome machines.  My Dear sweet husband spoils me to death.  He loves me and I love him.
 Punches and paper.  Do you see the little drawers, all they have in them are sizzix dies.
My desk...another view and that is a Making Memories junk holder! :) (crap holder my husband calls it) LOL

I hope you enjoy my little tour...if you go looking way back in my posts you will see the room before it was this built up.  I have had my blog since 2006 so you can loook back and see us in Hawaii..too :)
Thanks for looking! :)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I'm  little bit early for my word for the year.  It is going to be JOY.  I want to find Joy in the little things and have joy in my life.  I am tired of living with depression and how it sucks the JOY out of EVERYTHING!  I am now going to find Joy in everything.  I am going to start by having a bracelet made that says JOY.  When I start to feel down or blue or insecure or just plain ugly, I am going to look at that hopefully turn myself around. It is a start, right?

Thank you for reading I know I have not updated any pictures of myself lately, it is coming. I promise! :)
Finding Joy is how I want to embrace and then remember 2012.

Hugs and thanks for reading.