A Night to Shine

Branch did Shine! There was so much good last night, that I can't contain it.  Branch had a blast dancing and riding in a limo and he looked so dashing in his tuxedo.

So Handsome

Ready to dance the night away

Look at these good looking men.

Branch and Mom! :)

Branch stopped at Gamestop to see Bethie at work.  Then on to the big event.  I have not seen him this excited since we went to Georgia for Christmas.

Time to Shine Limo Ride

This will open to a Facebook page but it is public and you don't need to be a member to see the video. It will  work, so click the link. :)

 Branch and Erin
 Super Wonderful Buddy  Kathy Jones!  (she is responsible for all these awesome pictures!)
 Erin and Branch again.
 Everyone looks so handsome and beautiful.
 Branch is a King!
 Chick Fil A was a sponsor and provided Food.  Loving Chick Fil A
 Shoe Shine
 The venue, they turned the gym into something amazing!

They are getting their groove on!!!

Enjoy and thank you for coming by.

I want to say thank you to the Joyners for applying for the grant from Tim Tebow and our area being able to get one. It is a fantastic evening for everyone. Branch hopes that he can go again.

Stay tuned there will be many scrapbook pages for this night! :)
Love you all!



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