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Billy is officially retired from the Air Force. He had a ceremony that had him retire from the Air Force...WOO HOO. Beautiful ceremony and he is the happiest guy in the world. He is so glad to be out of the Air Force. He loved it until about 3 years ago. He really did not like his job in Hawaii...although we both LOVE the area, we both really did not like our jobs and that can make you miserable no matter how beautiful the landscape.

Well, as you see the title tells you that we are no longer in our house on Hickam Air Force Base. We are now in a hotel on base called the Royal Alaka'i. We have a bed to sleep in and tv's to watch (the American dream right?) Comfort? We are actively looking for a house in Florida, and I am actively looking for a job!! Woo Hoo! :) I am sure I will find one, I just hope it is one I want to have. I want to teach little kids again, I really don't want the crazy middle schoolers anymore. I love my students but it is time to go back to little peopl…