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Sad today

I was in a car accident today, and I am fine, but my little sunshine new beetle is not fine. I hope they can fix her, but it seems she will cost too much to fix. I will hate to have my little lady gone. She has such a great story as to how I got her. I everytime I got in her I felt like I was getting a hug from my honey.

I am a little sad today.

Creative Outlet.

It has been a long time since I have let myself have a creative outlet! I have been doing lots of swaps. But I have not been doing my OWN thing for awhile. I am currently involved in 2 scrappy thing to get me motivated to play with my extensive stash again! :)  The first one is Camp Scrap with May Flaum on her blog.  Camp Scrap I'm also part of the Facebook Group.
The other thing I am part of to keep the creative juices going are challenges  from  July Scrap Fest being held on the Swaps, Crops and More Facebook Group. We are starting July Scrapfest and I am having a blast!  The inspiration for the layout is challenge number 46 from the scrapfest.  There is a file at the end of the post of all the challenges if you are interested in what we are doing.
On to the details of this layout! The Date! This is a "Night to Shine" layout. Branch had such a good time at this special Prom I can't help but smile when I look at the pictures and feel so warm inside for all the peop…

A Night to Shine

Branch did Shine! There was so much good last night, that I can't contain it.  Branch had a blast dancing and riding in a limo and he looked so dashing in his tuxedo.