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Autism Awareness Month and Mother of the Year

This is a letter I wrote to a lady with a Child with Autism...this has history and some of you know it and some of you don't. I want to make sure that everyone knows about autism, it is coming to a family near you sooner than you like!

I got the greatest gift the day after World Austism Awareness Day. (april 5, 2008)
I get a telephone call from a lady connected to Branch (my son) through a job program that he participates in school. She also volunteers with the County Fair to help organize it every year and her program that she runs is the Mother of the Year Contest that is held every year. A family member writes a letter about the mother and it is voted on by a committee and the top five are sent to the judges. How flattering that a member of your family wants the whole world to know that you are the best mom in our county. (how cool is that anyway...remember I am the mother of teen agers!) LOL

My beautiful son wrote a letter to tell everyone that "My mother is the best mother …


One of the Newest Creative Team member at Gettin' Sketchy! WOO HOO...I'm so excited! :) I love being part of a team and I haven't been able to do that for a long time. It is so nice to finally be established enough in the new house/job/area to pursue other things I like to do too! :)

The sketch this month is:

Please go to
This is the coolest thing too...PRIZES!!! All you have to do is your take on the sketch and upload it to a gallery and then link the layout in a comment on the blog and we pick a sketch and call it winner and they get a PRIZE!! WOO about fun stuff!
I'm psyched up about this. My family is happy for me.

Now, on to the not so good news. (I always start with the good news right?)

Billy's night in the E.R.

My Dear sweet Billy has been hurting on the left side of his belly for about a week or little longer. He can't even stand straight up as it hurts, he says it feels like he is being ripped apart from the …