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School's OUT!!!


I am so excited school is out for the summer. I have so many things planned, but mostly it is planning for next year! I hope to get my autism endorsement this year with just my classroom experience. I won't have to finish the classes I started to get it and that will take so much stress off of my day to day work.


Home life is great, Billy is home for the summer *keep your fingers crossed* Bethanie has started drum lessons to go with the drum set we have in our game/music room. UGH! I am just grateful I can take my hearing aids out! LOL.

Branch is still in guitar and is looking forward to working for A+ Marine this summer again. I am looking forward to getting to sleep in some of the time and and playing with my kids, dogie and hubby! :) I am starting to feel happy again, but always there is sadness in there.


Every day I wake up thinking of mom. It was really neat that I woke up this morning while dreaming about being in the middle of a conversation with my m…