Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Are you Kidding me!!!

It is already December and I haven't posted since July. I didn't give pictures and so much has changed!!! Yikes! Ok...Where to begin. First I'm going to publish this because this piece of crap blog thingy doesn't always work and it just ticks me off! :)

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Well, we finally did it, we got a puppy dog! :) Her name is Hailey and she is nothing but tail wagging goodness. She smells like a dog with some puppy milk thrown in there too. She is such a smart girl already and we are all totally smitten! With a face like this, how could you not!

Billy is totally in love with this little girl...she has already stolen his heart and I don't think she will be giving it back anytime soon! :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The move and other things!!!

Boy have we had an eventful few months!
We bought a house on my birthday..(biggest birthday present ever!) LOL

We bought a truck in April and it is almost exactly like the one he had in Hawaii...how cool is that?

Hummmmmmmmm....Kids are out of school...I'm still looking for a job (getting kind of nervous about that) :(

I will post more funstuff later, just wanted to update the majors seeing I havent said anything in awhile! :)
bye bye

Thursday, April 05, 2007


Billy is officially retired from the Air Force. He had a ceremony that had him retire from the Air Force...WOO HOO. Beautiful ceremony and he is the happiest guy in the world. He is so glad to be out of the Air Force. He loved it until about 3 years ago. He really did not like his job in Hawaii...although we both LOVE the area, we both really did not like our jobs and that can make you miserable no matter how beautiful the landscape.

Well, as you see the title tells you that we are no longer in our house on Hickam Air Force Base. We are now in a hotel on base called the Royal Alaka'i. We have a bed to sleep in and tv's to watch (the American dream right?) Comfort? We are actively looking for a house in Florida, and I am actively looking for a job!! Woo Hoo! :) I am sure I will find one, I just hope it is one I want to have. I want to teach little kids again, I really don't want the crazy middle schoolers anymore. I love my students but it is time to go back to little people again.

Bethanie's Last hula performance was Sunday night. Her last performance at Kuhio was last Thursday and she was good. She was wearing a white dress that took my breath away!

Wait until we see her when she gets older, very scary! The person at the mike in the background is her Kumu (teacher). She loves Bethanie and was very sad to see her go.

Bethanie is going to be looking for a Halau in Florida, she says she wants to continue with the Hula dancing. She is very good and so very graceful.

Branch is silly as ever and we have figured out a true talent of his. He has perfect pitch. He can hear a chord on guitar played by his teacher or the radio and tell you what it is. WOW!!! It makes Bethanie sick because she has to listen to the same part of a song over and over before she finally gets it! :)

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Meet Lisa Bearnson!!!

Meet Lisa Bearnson at the The Scrapbook Clubhouse and I DID!

I really have friends at the The Scrapbook Clubhouse Hawaii!!!!! Thank you Lani for having such a great store and being such a good friend. I will miss all of you so much! :)
I am really a scraphead and for my family who may not know. This is Lisa Bearnson the founding editor of my favorite magazine Creating Keepsakes. She is also on QVC often to sell Scrapbook Kits at a Great Price. She shares her passion for this hobby, which by the way, tends to become an obsession for millions of women. Including me in a great big way.
I was really a little jealous of the people who were able to go on the Scrapbook cruise, but I have to remind myself I live in Hawaii....at least for a few more days and I get to see the beautiful sunrise on my way to work and the beautiful sunset on my way home...(get the picture...its expensive here) !

Sunset at Waikiki

I can't wait to come home to my friends and family in the mainland US...My only regret for Hawaii is I didn't get to see more of this state. I have been Oahu bound the whole time, but even with that, as you go to different parts of the island, there are so many things to see. You go to bellows and see waves...(caution, great force to face causes tooth loss)! Go to Makapuu and see the blowhole, diamondhead, punchbowl.

Oahu Coast from the sea.

Amazing Photo of one of the whales from our journey last Jan, wish I could claim responsibility for the picture, but all my photos were not that good! :) This is the one we bought when we got off the boat. (I ran out of film at the instant it jumped...I got the tail picture though!) LOL
Go offshore a little and see whales in the winter. It is truly a wonderful amazing place this little island of Oahu and it tends to shrink when you start to get homesick! :) I forgot Waikiki! The most amazing shopping place ever. I love Waikiki and most of the locals hate it! :) (too touristy....I love it for that reason!) LOL

It may be why I loved the strip in Biloxi and why I just craved the strip in Panama City Beach FL. I love the carnival atmosphere of the strip. It is all there...all the time! :)
This is turning into quite a lot of rambling so I am going to go. Today is clean up day before the pre-inspection for Tuesday! YUCK!!!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Carnival Anyone!

Ashley and Branch on the Silver Streak

Branch on the Bumper Cars

The carnival is this weekend. Bethanie lives there with her friends during the day when it is carnival time. Branch did not go at all last year, has gone 2 times this year! Last night he went withBilly and I. Today he went with Ashley and, of course, us too. He has a date tomorrow to go with his "girlfriend" Kristen. Ashley is his "best friend" and Kristen is his Girlfriend.

Kristin asked Branch to go to the prom with him. *swoon* What happened to my shy bashful boy? We got him a cell phone. I think that has really helped him become more of a social butterfly or maybe he is more like a Moth! He is still not so good at the social thing but he is trying a lot harder now. He acted like it didn't bother him that he didn't have friends over, but now he spends the weekend talking to friends on the phone. How cool is that? Where the hell is that pschologist who told me he would never be able to talk! I would love to have Branch have an interview with him now!

Anyway I digress, Branch is a player right now with 2 girlfriends. Whether one is not officially his girlfriend that is still playing a game he is not good at with two girls! Yikes, I just hope he doesn't get burned. It won't be for that long because we are now at 49 days! So much to do!

Good night and I will post pictures of Branch and Ash tomorrow! :)

Monday, February 05, 2007

61 DAYS!!!

Well, now 61 days until the great big move and I'm getting nervous! How about SCARED to death! I am waiting to find a job until we have a where. I'm really not afraid of NOT finding a job, but finding a job I want!!! Well, that is the question.

There are so many other things I should be doing besides playing on the computer and about 60% of them include work! So, I'm going to be short tonight.

The original thought of this blog was to be about scrapbooking and my family, but it is turning out to be the stram of consiousness of Laura Lee's brain and it is rather a scary thing, do you not agree. Wait, no one reads this thing, so I guess I really am safe!
I said this was supposed to be about scrapbooking so I threw a layout up there, it makes it more appealing anyway! :0) This is what this year is about CHANGES!!! LOTS OF THEM! All of the file folders are kept closed with little magnets, all of the file folders have some sort of journaling in them. It talks about the changes we will be going through and the hopes and dreams for this year. Basically, GOD PLEASE LET US GET JOBS and PLEASE LET THIS MOVE RUN SMOOTHLY...and THANK YOU GOD FOR ALL THAT YOU HAVE GIVEN US SO FAR, IS IT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR MORE?

I'm writing a book. Yep, (lets hope it is a lot more organized than this blog)!
I am writing a book about conversations with a young man with autism because most of the time they crack me up! I'm hoping to help parents/teachers of children with autism and finding a way to explain things through the use of their own circular thinking. They tend to think of the same things all the time, kind of like a loop tape, I've been using that to my advantage with Branch, once he gets stuck on an idea I help him by repeating it several times and then that new "loop tape" becomes part of his brain and then he starts to do that loop tape. Sure wish he wouldn't say everything he is thinking though. That includes routines about getting ready for bed. It seems he has to say everything at least 3 times before he is comfortable with doing it. I'm sure if I went to a Dr. they would try to put him on meds for OCD to curb it, but I'm thinking that maybe a new way to look at it would help. Using self-talk to help him remember what to do is a helpful coping tool, but when it is in excess he is just giving himself permission to drive his family crazy. But at the same time I know it gives him control over the things he has to do.

Ok, Now I am rambling, and rambling, and rambling. Or actually giving you a taste of what my book will be about!

good night for those of you who read this. I need to go to bed soon and I still have a ton of things to do before I can go to bed.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Happy SuperBowl Sunday!!!

I Love Super bowl Sunday...uncontrollable snacking all day and it is allowed. The whole country is doing it! :) SO It can't be wrong, can it? LOL

I am also scrapping and doing challenges at LM and a mini cybercrop from Nancy Clark on DS2...my yahoo home! :) I am no longer swapping, but I still have a lot of online friends that I chat with over there. Maybe they'll come over and view this blog thing too! :) Who knows.

Oh well, just wanted to say Happy SuperBowl Sunday!

Friday, February 02, 2007

All Hail the blog bust

I am so not a blogger, check this out since September...NO POSTS!!!

Lots of news. We leave Hawaii in just a couple of months and I CAN"T wait! I am ready to leave my job but not ready to leave the beautiful weather!

The kids are getting ready to leave, Billy is looking for a job and as soon as he gets one I'll start putting my applications in at different school districts as a special education teacher. It seems it is what I'm good at.

I am still a scrappy holic and in several cybercrops this month. I am having fun with it although I know this is the last month that I will be able to play then the hard work of moving will be coming. I am really not looking forward to moving this time because of how bad the move was last time; so far as breaking our stuff and now we have newer stuff because we had to replace all they broke last time! :) A catch 22 I know.

Ok...I'm going to upload two of my fave layouts from the last couple of weeks! :) I have been a scrap a holic to say the least! :)

The 10 things about me is a Book of Me Challenge from www.Lifetimemoments.com . My other favorite was a gallery pick of the week WOO HOO that NEVER happens to me. The day I was picked was so perfect because it had been totally rotten day at work so it was nice to be recognized for something I LOVE to do! :)

Anyway, this is my most favorite layout of the last couple of months and now I must go and scrap some more. I need more points to see if I can win a GC to LM which I desperately need. I am on a very short leash for a scrappy budget with the move and it would be nice to get a GC to buy some of the new delicious papers coming out of CHA this year! :)

good night, I bet we are in our new house before I post again! :)