Meet Lisa Bearnson!!!

Meet Lisa Bearnson at the The Scrapbook Clubhouse and I DID!

I really have friends at the The Scrapbook Clubhouse Hawaii!!!!! Thank you Lani for having such a great store and being such a good friend. I will miss all of you so much! :)
I am really a scraphead and for my family who may not know. This is Lisa Bearnson the founding editor of my favorite magazine Creating Keepsakes. She is also on QVC often to sell Scrapbook Kits at a Great Price. She shares her passion for this hobby, which by the way, tends to become an obsession for millions of women. Including me in a great big way.
I was really a little jealous of the people who were able to go on the Scrapbook cruise, but I have to remind myself I live in least for a few more days and I get to see the beautiful sunrise on my way to work and the beautiful sunset on my way home...(get the picture...its expensive here) !

Sunset at Waikiki

I can't wait to come home to my friends and family in the mainland US...My only regret for Hawaii is I didn't get to see more of this state. I have been Oahu bound the whole time, but even with that, as you go to different parts of the island, there are so many things to see. You go to bellows and see waves...(caution, great force to face causes tooth loss)! Go to Makapuu and see the blowhole, diamondhead, punchbowl.

Oahu Coast from the sea.

Amazing Photo of one of the whales from our journey last Jan, wish I could claim responsibility for the picture, but all my photos were not that good! :) This is the one we bought when we got off the boat. (I ran out of film at the instant it jumped...I got the tail picture though!) LOL
Go offshore a little and see whales in the winter. It is truly a wonderful amazing place this little island of Oahu and it tends to shrink when you start to get homesick! :) I forgot Waikiki! The most amazing shopping place ever. I love Waikiki and most of the locals hate it! :) (too touristy....I love it for that reason!) LOL

It may be why I loved the strip in Biloxi and why I just craved the strip in Panama City Beach FL. I love the carnival atmosphere of the strip. It is all there...all the time! :)
This is turning into quite a lot of rambling so I am going to go. Today is clean up day before the pre-inspection for Tuesday! YUCK!!!


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