All Hail the blog bust

I am so not a blogger, check this out since September...NO POSTS!!!

Lots of news. We leave Hawaii in just a couple of months and I CAN"T wait! I am ready to leave my job but not ready to leave the beautiful weather!

The kids are getting ready to leave, Billy is looking for a job and as soon as he gets one I'll start putting my applications in at different school districts as a special education teacher. It seems it is what I'm good at.

I am still a scrappy holic and in several cybercrops this month. I am having fun with it although I know this is the last month that I will be able to play then the hard work of moving will be coming. I am really not looking forward to moving this time because of how bad the move was last time; so far as breaking our stuff and now we have newer stuff because we had to replace all they broke last time! :) A catch 22 I know.

Ok...I'm going to upload two of my fave layouts from the last couple of weeks! :) I have been a scrap a holic to say the least! :)

The 10 things about me is a Book of Me Challenge from . My other favorite was a gallery pick of the week WOO HOO that NEVER happens to me. The day I was picked was so perfect because it had been totally rotten day at work so it was nice to be recognized for something I LOVE to do! :)

Anyway, this is my most favorite layout of the last couple of months and now I must go and scrap some more. I need more points to see if I can win a GC to LM which I desperately need. I am on a very short leash for a scrappy budget with the move and it would be nice to get a GC to buy some of the new delicious papers coming out of CHA this year! :)

good night, I bet we are in our new house before I post again! :)


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