Carnival Anyone!

Ashley and Branch on the Silver Streak

Branch on the Bumper Cars

The carnival is this weekend. Bethanie lives there with her friends during the day when it is carnival time. Branch did not go at all last year, has gone 2 times this year! Last night he went withBilly and I. Today he went with Ashley and, of course, us too. He has a date tomorrow to go with his "girlfriend" Kristen. Ashley is his "best friend" and Kristen is his Girlfriend.

Kristin asked Branch to go to the prom with him. *swoon* What happened to my shy bashful boy? We got him a cell phone. I think that has really helped him become more of a social butterfly or maybe he is more like a Moth! He is still not so good at the social thing but he is trying a lot harder now. He acted like it didn't bother him that he didn't have friends over, but now he spends the weekend talking to friends on the phone. How cool is that? Where the hell is that pschologist who told me he would never be able to talk! I would love to have Branch have an interview with him now!

Anyway I digress, Branch is a player right now with 2 girlfriends. Whether one is not officially his girlfriend that is still playing a game he is not good at with two girls! Yikes, I just hope he doesn't get burned. It won't be for that long because we are now at 49 days! So much to do!

Good night and I will post pictures of Branch and Ash tomorrow! :)


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