61 DAYS!!!

Well, now 61 days until the great big move and I'm getting nervous! How about SCARED to death! I am waiting to find a job until we have a where. I'm really not afraid of NOT finding a job, but finding a job I want!!! Well, that is the question.

There are so many other things I should be doing besides playing on the computer and about 60% of them include work! So, I'm going to be short tonight.

The original thought of this blog was to be about scrapbooking and my family, but it is turning out to be the stram of consiousness of Laura Lee's brain and it is rather a scary thing, do you not agree. Wait, no one reads this thing, so I guess I really am safe!
I said this was supposed to be about scrapbooking so I threw a layout up there, it makes it more appealing anyway! :0) This is what this year is about CHANGES!!! LOTS OF THEM! All of the file folders are kept closed with little magnets, all of the file folders have some sort of journaling in them. It talks about the changes we will be going through and the hopes and dreams for this year. Basically, GOD PLEASE LET US GET JOBS and PLEASE LET THIS MOVE RUN SMOOTHLY...and THANK YOU GOD FOR ALL THAT YOU HAVE GIVEN US SO FAR, IS IT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR MORE?

I'm writing a book. Yep, (lets hope it is a lot more organized than this blog)!
I am writing a book about conversations with a young man with autism because most of the time they crack me up! I'm hoping to help parents/teachers of children with autism and finding a way to explain things through the use of their own circular thinking. They tend to think of the same things all the time, kind of like a loop tape, I've been using that to my advantage with Branch, once he gets stuck on an idea I help him by repeating it several times and then that new "loop tape" becomes part of his brain and then he starts to do that loop tape. Sure wish he wouldn't say everything he is thinking though. That includes routines about getting ready for bed. It seems he has to say everything at least 3 times before he is comfortable with doing it. I'm sure if I went to a Dr. they would try to put him on meds for OCD to curb it, but I'm thinking that maybe a new way to look at it would help. Using self-talk to help him remember what to do is a helpful coping tool, but when it is in excess he is just giving himself permission to drive his family crazy. But at the same time I know it gives him control over the things he has to do.

Ok, Now I am rambling, and rambling, and rambling. Or actually giving you a taste of what my book will be about!

good night for those of you who read this. I need to go to bed soon and I still have a ton of things to do before I can go to bed.


Rhonda said…
We will be thinking of you & praying the move goes smoothly Laura!!!

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