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The Day After Christmas

It has been a good day here in Florida.  Windy and Cold, but it has been a very good day.

We had a lot of fun on Christmas.  There were  plenty of surprises, the biggest one for me, was a new Cricut Imagine. WOW! What a lot of fun that thing is.  I am having a blast learning how to use my new toy and yes it is definitely a toy.

My family does like to spoil me. I guess we really all love each other and want to spoil each other.  Look at me, all surprised and happy. 

 Branch got his Kinect and has been having so much fun playing is really cute. He chose a tiger and named him Rajah! :)

Bethanie got several books for Christmas this year, and this one is the first one she started reading so I guess she likes it best so far! :)

 Rajah got a BIG BOX for Christmas.  He loved the imagine box and right there he is in the wrapping paper and looking so darn cute.  Love this kitty!
 Billy is opening his favorite author.  It was torturous for me to make him wait until Christmas to g…