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I got the job now I got the busy to go with it! It is really great, but a lot of stuff to go with it.
Long story short, I have to have my Autism Endorsement on my Teaching Certificate by 2011. I am in classes to get that done. The good news I will have it around Christmas Time. This is getting done through the use of an accelerated program offered to the County and I took it and I am so glad!

Billy is a traveling man again...he leaves tomorrow and will get back for good November 11. :(

Green Day was Great.
Carl was a BLAST! We did a lot of stuff while he was here. He made our End of Summer Bash so much fun! :)
Making Plans to buy my Blue Bug!!! WOO HOO!!! I totally can't wait! :)
Branch is enjoying work and the SITE program at Whiting Field. So Proud of HIM!
Bethanie is just totally AWESOME! Such a great kid and helps out so much.

I am going to go now. I really don't have much time and I'm making the Christmas Gifts for the Mom's again! :) The Calendars are coming out beauti…