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Saturday's are special

Ahhh...remember Saturday when you were a kid (depending on your era).  Running down the stairs at the crack of dawn to watch cartoons.  (Scooby Doo,  Fred Flinstone, The Loony Tunes Hour and Captain Caveman were some of the favorites).

Now my Saturdays are all business it seems, run one kid here and one run kid there.  I LOVE MY LIFE...
But sometimes...I miss running down the stairs in my favorite jammies turning on the t.v. and watching cartoons while eating Sugar Smacks. 

Here is to your Saturday and I hope you are having a Wonderful Day.

Winner of the Blog Candy

The winner of the blog candy and 12 pack sampler of Divine Twine is

Your prize will be in tins, but will not have the bugheads on it. :) Thanks for playing!!!

alwayscharlie said...

I love your 'sappy' layout AND the idea for a love album!!

smilesmoore2 atverizon dotnet

Please contact me Charlie and I will send you the twine!
Have a great day.

Love Blog Hop and Blog Candy!

Welcome to the Lovely Blog Hop brought to you by ScrappyRN aka Dawn. If you get lost just click on the link above and it will give you all of the addresses. There will also be a listing at the bottom of this post, so you will know where to go! :)
You should have got here from Liz
And you're next location will be Michelle
This blog  hop is to showcase someone that we love.  Mine just happens to my dear sweet husband, Billy.  He is the rock in my world and I would not be the person I am without him.

The  journaling is hard to read on the layout so here it is.
I love you With all my heart
What that means to me is I get to go to sleep with my best friend.
When I laugh with you, it is not the same as with anyone else.
When you look at me with such love, I sometimes feel I am not worthy of being loved so much.
I know what it means to be truly loved.
I know that I always have you with me, even when you are not by my side.
I know that I am on your mind as much as you are on mine.
I know that I …

Circle Cybercrop

Ok, so I am part of the Cricut Circle, we are having a fun cybercrop, because we were unable to attend the Cricut Stampede in Frisco TX, for whatever reason. :) So, we are having our own crop.  The first challenge of the weekend was this card sketch.

And this layout sketch:

 And the next challenge was to use this color pallette! eek! I have a plan, but come back later to see what I made! :)
Have a great day and don't forget to come back tomorrow to see all the participants in this blog hop! :) Have a great day!


Stylish Blogger Award

I feel so honored to be given a blog award.

Thank you so much Caroline!  To be recognized by someone as talented as you is a true honor! :)
View her blog Here and her wonderful work!  She has wonderful tutorials that I have learned from! :)

Thank you again, and now along with the rules of the blogger award I must share 8 things with you about me!

1.  I am totally in love with my family. 

2.  I love Scrapbooking to a point where it is almost unhealthy.

3. I Love to shop for crafty goodies.

4.  I love my Cats and Dog.  They are so silly.

5.  I love Chocolate and Coffee.

6.  I love the color purple and plan on painting my VW Bug purple.

7.  Oh yea, I LOVE MY CAR...her name is sunshine! :)

8.  Like Kate, I love my job!  I am a teacher for children with autism.

I am now passing this fabulous and stylish award to the following (in no particular order):

Heather - A Little Time

Jennifer and Summer - Cricut Diaries

Carolyn -  Carolyn's Creative Corner

Sharon - Shar…