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Target Tool Caddy

This is my Target Tool Caddy made by Jetmax. I know Michaels, AC MOORE and Target all sell the same Jetmax cubes in various ways. Target is the only one I have seen with the tool caddy though. For the large cubes I need about 6 more to make my room complete! LOL... I only have 15 of them right now! LOL...Sad I know! :) Anyway, I want to get all the iris carts out of my room and into my classroom. I want to get my dies in the jetmax cubes because right now they are in the iris carts and the drawers are really hard to open and close! :)

The tool caddy has four sides. Two picture sides that also have drawers. This smaller drawer has 3 compartments in it. I hold my carl shape blades in here and some fiskar refills. (That is how come I knew I was out of them when I went for them the other day, 3 scoring blades and 0 cutting blade cartridges..grrrrrr. Notice there is a photo in the is not staying here I just put a photo in there so you could see where it goes! :) I really don…

Winter Blues

Hi all!

It has been a weird week. I am still trying to get over this sickness. I have a sinus yucky, my nose is rebelling and trying very hard to run off my face or make my head feel like it is full of cotton! I am tired, just so tired all the time! :( I am sure it is winter blues and I'm sure it is getting me down more than I thought it would. I did not have the winter blues in Hawaii...I really miss Hawaii right now. It is cold, very cold to me and very disheartening. Hate the cold!

The only bright spots are Jayne is coming on Monday! She said she would call me! :) I am excited about that! And I get to go to work and see my kids. I just hope I'm well enough to not sneeze or blow boogers on them.

I have been busy scrapbook wise or altering wise! :) I have more pictures of stuff I have been making. I am thinking of selling some of the mailboxes on ebay, but I'm afraid they won't sell and then I will have listing fees to pay and well, we aren't rich right now! :)

I als…

Happy Sunday

I have been trying to get my scrap book mojo back, but I'm also trying to get some of the big items out of my room. This includes ALL those items I bought to alter! :) SO, I have been getting a few things out! :)

A little something for Bea. It is a late Birthday present! :)

This is also the way I used wire in that challenge for Winterfest.

Tara told me someone paid for my fee so I could ge the points. I sure wish she would tell me who so I can thank them! Tara if it is you...Thank you so much!

I also made a card tin for my neice for her birthday next month. Bea and I had made all the cards for the QVC TSV way back when, so I used those cards and filled up a lunch tin for my neice! :) I hope she likes it! :)

I used her favorite colors in the lunch tin. Purple of course, she is a lot like me. For you scrapbook addicts, all the papers used were Rita Marie, the letters are chipboard by Pressed colorbox, the ribbon is stuff I have had in my stash for a very long time! :) I had…

Something I did last night

This is a layout I did last night. First time since October I scrapped a page just for my book! It was nice. I got an idea from Tim Holtz's blog for the January Technique challenge. You should try it! :) It was a lot of fun and made me pull out my embossing powders and heat setter! I haven't done that in forever! This layout brought back so many good memories, and made miss Shannon! Hopefully soon we can meet in Georgia, I'm hoping for the summer time! :) I also made a bunch of altered items lately! :) I am becoming the altered queen, I will post pictures when I finally take some pictures of them! I still have more stuff to make! UGH! I'm sick of stuff and want to go back to scrapping! :)

Goals for 2008

Seriously my goals in 2008

January, my family comes here and celebrates Bethanie’s birthday with her!!!
February….go to Zoe’s birthday party
March go to Korisma’s birthday party
Two weekends later for Papaw's birthday
April be there for Grandpa's Birthday
May Go to GA for my birthday and to see Michelle’s new baby.

June Look for another job
July Have 4th of July here at home…
August : Celebrate Branch and Meme’s birthdays together
September School stuff
October Stay home and start getting ready for Christmas

Goals for 2008
Yikes, too many to count.
Things that float around in your head like
I need to lose weight
I need to use up my scrap stuff
I would like to try selling some of the stuff I make on ebay or at the base
I would like to try to become financially independent no more credit card debt
I would like to find a better paying job over the summer. (I love teaching, but face it, we don't make that much money)
I want to get all of my dental problems taken care of
I desperately need that…