Target Tool Caddy

This is my Target Tool Caddy made by Jetmax. I know Michaels, AC MOORE and Target all sell the same Jetmax cubes in various ways. Target is the only one I have seen with the tool caddy though. For the large cubes I need about 6 more to make my room complete! LOL... I only have 15 of them right now! LOL...Sad I know! :) Anyway, I want to get all the iris carts out of my room and into my classroom. I want to get my dies in the jetmax cubes because right now they are in the iris carts and the drawers are really hard to open and close! :)

The tool caddy has four sides. Two picture sides that also have drawers. This smaller drawer has 3 compartments in it. I hold my carl shape blades in here and some fiskar refills. (That is how come I knew I was out of them when I went for them the other day, 3 scoring blades and 0 cutting blade cartridges..grrrrrr. Notice there is a photo in the is not staying here I just put a photo in there so you could see where it goes! :) I really don't want a picture of my computer in my tool caddy! :) (it is a pic of Rajah behind the computer, cute as a button and going to be scrapped today!) This side of the inside holder has my files and emory boards and Basic Grey precision file kit. I really don't know how I filed my chipboard letters before I got this set because it makes my life so durn easy. Paint brushes live in this side too :)

This second side of the tool caddy is also a drawer and photo area. This drawer is just one large junk drawer! :) Just kidding, I have my tombo mono and my herma adhesive runners in there and the curvy cutter tool and refill blades. The drawer is rather roomy and you can get more stuff in it than you think! :) This side of the inside holder has various pens inside and one usless Fiskar 5 in one tool. (I really hate that thing)!


This third view of the boxy little caddy has a magnet board and comes with 4 strong magnets. I plan on decorating them at some point! :) Probably today now that I'm embarrassed! :) I am thinking flowers that make me happy! :)
The inside of this caddy has an X that lets you hold your stand up tools. The problem is that it is slick on the bottom and nothing stood up, it is kind of like a cup. So I added some of the florist styrofoam so that my tools would stand up. It is working like a charm! :) I put my jewlers tongs and button shank remover tip side down inside the styrofoam, it has the added benefit of keeping me safe!


The fourth side of the this caddy has a place to stick pens in an elastic holder. That is where I keep my cutterbee scissors and my tweezerbee and alligator clips for chalking...always handy. This is my dangerous side! If you notice in the back that the exacto knife does not have a top. It got lost in the move! :( So, I have impaled my fingers on that thing several times before I got the styrofoam. Now I have not hurt myself on it once! YAY! I know put it tip down, I can't do that, it would be too hard to find!


Now this is the part you didn't know, I have 2 of these tool caddys! They are on both sides of my work space by my window. The second one holds bigger tools in the X, like the instant setter and the grommet setter kits by Making Memories, they are in there and my cork board for my paper piercer...the drawers hold my magic matter (yes I still have it) and some of the inks I use ALL the time! :)

Now looking at this people ask, why didn't you just get teh Making Memories Tool Caddy with 8 sides, yada yada wasn't out when I bought these things in July! I wish I could have had that system instead, I think it would have suited me well, but it was not available and if you haven't noticed, Im kind of a "gotta have it now" kinda girl! That is changing, slowly but surely, but I WAS once the one that was first in line to get everything and sometimes that hurts you! Something better always comes out I'm trying to wait till later! :)

If you have any other questions let me know or if you want a close up view of anything I'll do it! :)


Claire said…
That's cool . How much was this at target if it's okay to ask?

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