Happy Sunday

I have been trying to get my scrap book mojo back, but I'm also trying to get some of the big items out of my room. This includes ALL those items I bought to alter! :) SO, I have been getting a few things out! :)

A little something for Bea. It is a late Birthday present! :)

This is also the way I used wire in that challenge for Winterfest.

Tara told me someone paid for my fee so I could ge the points. I sure wish she would tell me who so I can thank them! Tara if it is you...Thank you so much!

I also made a card tin for my neice for her birthday next month. Bea and I had made all the cards for the QVC TSV way back when, so I used those cards and filled up a lunch tin for my neice! :) I hope she likes it! :)

I used her favorite colors in the lunch tin. Purple of course, she is a lot like me.
For you scrapbook addicts, all the papers used were Rita Marie, the letters are chipboard by Pressed Petals...ink colorbox, the ribbon is stuff I have had in my stash for a very long time! :)
I had fun making stuff, but I truly want to get back to making scrapbook pages!
I still have a couple of other things to do and then hopefully I will be able to scrap more! :)
Billy is at his Mom's house today, he will be gone until Tuesday. He is helping his mom out so she can have a cataract removed on Monday. She has another Dr's appointment on Tuesday and then he should be home that evening. Billy has a Dr's appointment on Wednesday for a sleep study for sleep apnea. I'm sure he has it.
Enough stuff for now...see it is a miracle I posted two days in a row! :)
I hope to post more creations later! :)
Have a Happy Sunday!


Anonymous said…
Great job! Love the Bee item!

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