Goals for 2008

Seriously my goals in 2008

January, my family comes here and celebrates Bethanie’s birthday with her!!!
February….go to Zoe’s birthday party
March go to Korisma’s birthday party
Two weekends later for Papaw's birthday
April be there for Grandpa's Birthday
May Go to GA for my birthday and to see Michelle’s new baby.

June Look for another job
July Have 4th of July here at home…
August : Celebrate Branch and Meme’s birthdays together
September School stuff
October Stay home and start getting ready for Christmas

Goals for 2008
Yikes, too many to count.
Things that float around in your head like
I need to lose weight
I need to use up my scrap stuff
I would like to try selling some of the stuff I make on ebay or at the base
I would like to try to become financially independent no more credit card debt
I would like to find a better paying job over the summer. (I love teaching, but face it, we don't make that much money)
I want to get all of my dental problems taken care of
I desperately need that implant folks! LOL I hate having this little thing attached to my teeth!
That doesn't even cover the things I want to get done in the house in 2008. Curtains and pictures on all the walls would be nice! LOL

Ali had a great idea on her blog. To list a word and that kind of be my theme for the year!
so my Word to Live by this year.... LIVE!!! :)

I am not going to let my life happen, I'm going to CONTINUE to LIVE my life. I have been doing many things the last few years I never thought I would. This year I plan on continuing to LIVE.
I will LIVE with Autism and continue to love my son, I will LIVE with enthusiasm as my children grow into beautiful adults!
I will LIVE with Compassion when me and my husband ARGUE...I will LIVE with determination to make my goals real.I will LIVE with what happens in our day to day world and not let it sidetrack me into wishing away this day that is "too hard."I will LIVE with the knowledge that my ATTITUDE changes many things.In the end I just want to LIVE in 2008.

A lot of heavy stuff. Next post won't be so heavy! PROMISE! :)


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