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Happy New Year!

Ok, so maybe that is a little Pre-mature seeing it is only December 31, 2013 and not quite 2014 yet! I'm ok with that actually. Loving my family and my life. It is good to be happy and upbeat most of the time again. I was very sad for a very long time and feel like part of me is waking up again. One thing I need to do is figure out my word for the year 2014.  Free set me up to finally be FREE of depression.  That was an entirely GREAT thing! :) Now to motivate my self for changes that need to be made.  Good Changes! :) So, we shall see. Maybe my word should be change! We will see in the next post! :) I am off to scrap! These pictures below and have fun playing with paper and think about my "word" Have a great day! Billy's Birthday. December 27, 2013... I won't say how old...I'll be kind. :)
Billy and his Best girl...Hailey
Yes, that is Branch telling Hailey (the super pup) to look at the camera! :) Billy and I and Branch with Hailey.  Bethie is behind the c…