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I have been busy this week with the mailboxes again! :)
Here are few pics of these things and then I will be posting them on ebay! :)

I am also going to try to make a layout for the Peek Winter Quotes and pagemap contests. I need some scrappy supplies, but I don't have a budget right now! :) (Ok, I don't need them, but I would like to get some of the new goodies coming out!) LOL

This is the one I call the Heart mailbox. It has heart patterned paper and prima flowers and is just frilly and girly! :)
I love using up my stuff on such pretty items. I am going to list them on ebay and if they don't sell then I am going to try to sell them at school. We will see! :) This is the Love Notes mailbox, the original one that I have on the previous post. I only changed the charm and how it is hung. I really didn't like th safety pin on it before it just really bothered me and it didnt look right! :) This is more appropriate charm and way to hang it! Love that I am finding more uses f…