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Yippee...It is here!!! My new Camera...Wow!!! I have been wanting a Digital SLR for at least 5 years...and here it is! :) WOO HOO!!! I got a Canon Digital Rebel XSi 12.2 Megapixals and some really great pictures...

Bethanie outside wow!!! You can see all of her freckles! :) Click on the picture...really! :)

Branch was in his Rocker when I walked in on him watching t.v. He even let me see his beautiful eyes! :)

I am very excited about this camera. I am so happy I have a family that is going to let me experiement! :) They understand, they get it and they love me. How lucky am I to have family that loves me so much. Sad news today about Farrah Fawcett and Michael seemed so young. Tomorrow Billy and Bethanie are going to Tennessee to see Hannah. Bethanie is going to stay for the week. She is so excited...she has been packed since last night! Ok. More pictures tomorrow and more news I'm sure. 2 Posts in a week, it has to be some kind of record!

Check out my tests!…

Cocoa Daisy DT call

I'm going to plug a favorite place for me to go. I totally love these kits and this website. It is one of my most favorite places to go on the web. Ali Edwards hangs out there and after seeing the folks in the Design Team and and awesome owner...Tricia...WOW. It is everything I LOVE LOVE LOVE in a place. Great ideas on how to use the kits, great kits, and wonderful customer service. The people in the Forum are friendly and is just an all around fun place to hang out.
Tricia has announced a Design Team call and here are some of the things I'm going to submit to see if I could even have a chance. :) She draws such awesome people, but at least I will give it a shot!
The paper is BoBunny Calypso Dream, and lots of matching cardstock and ribbons. The cardstock colors are all Bazzill and are: Pomegranate, Kevin, Pauly Poo, Java, and Lemon bliss.
The flowers are old SlimLine Accucut die cuts. I crumpled the paper and inked and then put them together…



We've been to the beach, taken Branch to work, taken the dog to the Dog Beach. Played the box game, (cornhole for you mid-western folks) played frisbee...walked the dog, gone swimming, LOVED sleeping in. All of the above and we have been out of school for less than a week. Oh yes, and then the regular stuff...Branch with guitar lessons, and Bethanie with Horseback Riding on Saturdays! :)

What do we have planned! :) Bethanie is going to go to Tennessee to see one of her Best Friends, Branch is going to work, I'm NOT...:) We are going to go see Green Day in August and we will be going to the beach at least once a week for the whole summer. WhY? Because we live close to it and it would be a terrible shame not to go and enjoy the breeze and the water! :)

Job stuff...Do I have to talk about it? I Don't really want to, so suffice to say, I'm out of work and
the room is sad again...

I believe I will work again someday soon, but right now, I'm just thinking…