Yippee...It is here!!! My new Camera...Wow!!! I have been wanting a Digital SLR for at least 5 years...and here it is! :) WOO HOO!!! I got a Canon Digital Rebel XSi 12.2 Megapixals and some really great pictures...

Bethanie outside wow!!! You can see all of her freckles! :) Click on the picture...really! :)

Branch was in his Rocker when I walked in on him watching t.v. He even let me see his beautiful eyes! :)

I am very excited about this camera. I am so happy I have a family that is going to let me experiement! :) They understand, they get it and they love me. How lucky am I to have family that loves me so much.
Sad news today about Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson...wow...MJ seemed so young.
Tomorrow Billy and Bethanie are going to Tennessee to see Hannah. Bethanie is going to stay for the week. She is so excited...she has been packed since last night!
Ok. More pictures tomorrow and more news I'm sure. 2 Posts in a week, it has to be some kind of record!

Check out my tests!!!


dirtyjeepgirlie said…
i will soon be purchasing a new camera, i thinkmine is on it's last legs...it's been good to me but it's time to upgrade....if i wasn't paying for school next month i'd get it now! lol! i love the XSi...it's awesome!

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