We've been to the beach, taken Branch to work, taken the dog to the Dog Beach. Played the box game, (cornhole for you mid-western folks) played frisbee...walked the dog, gone swimming, LOVED sleeping in. All of the above and we have been out of school for less than a week. Oh yes, and then the regular stuff...Branch with guitar lessons, and Bethanie with Horseback Riding on Saturdays! :)

What do we have planned! :) Bethanie is going to go to Tennessee to see one of her Best Friends, Branch is going to work, I'm NOT...:) We are going to go see Green Day in August and we will be going to the beach at least once a week for the whole summer. WhY? Because we live close to it and it would be a terrible shame not to go and enjoy the breeze and the water! :)

Job stuff...Do I have to talk about it? I Don't really want to, so suffice to say, I'm out of work and

the room is sad again...

I believe I will work again someday soon, but right now, I'm just thinking of the SUMMER!!! This one will not be lost in sadness and in a classroom!

Did you know Branch graduated from High School? Who said he could be old enough to graduate High School. It makes me so sad and happy at the same time. I never knew something that makes you so proud could hurt so bad.


Ok...Time to go...I have so much SUMMER to enjoy!!! I will be posting pretties soon!


dirtyjeepgirlie said…
Congrats Branch! Look how handsome! Have a great summer sweetie!
Lis said…
Beautiful! Way to go raising such a handsome boy mom!

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