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Wow! It has been 7 months since I have written anything. I guess because I have been too busy living! :) That is a good thing.  Seriously good. I have been traveling and having fun with my best friend and love of my life! :)

Here is a wonderful surprise when he came home from Arizona in April.  Love this guy. :)
Got some awesome kids too! :) Bethanie graduated...WOW Class of 2012!!! Billy and I in the Atlanta Dugout! What a wonderful weekend! :) SO MUCH FUN!!!! Branch performing Green Day at Christmas time! :) He surprised Billy so much! :-O  Let me show you his shocked face! It has been a good year. I have found Joy in many places! I have had more fun and done more this year than I have my entire life. I am so curious to see what opportunities are ready for 2013! Have a great day! No Scrapping...think living is more important than documenting. I will get to it again someday, but it is not my focus right now. Have  a Good LIFE!!!! It is too short to worry about the small stuff... La…