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I am adding a post just to post this picture of this layout for use your stash. It is a cute blog that gives challenges for using stuff you already have. (GET IT NO BUYING!) LOL Here it is!

Zoe is so silly! :) She can make me giggle like a little kid. So I think it is fitting that I have a happy post today! :)
Thanks for all your kind comments...It will always get better! :)

So you had a bad day or 2 or week?

Well here I am and "I keep passing open windows," and keep on keeping on. Ok, so life could be so much worse, but here it goes. Tuesday I had to sign my pink slip for work. This is an annual event for teachers who do not have a permanent contract. The only difference about this year is that the principal could not guarantee that she would be able to call me back for next year. So that means the clean out will begin soon. I spent my summer last year cleaning out my room and buying toys and nice things for the kids to play with. Now I have to bring it all home because I won't be reimbursed for it. I am a little sorry for the next teacher who comes in that room because they will have an empty room, no curtains, nothing that I made or spent my money on will be there. Considering most of the prior teacher's items were thrown away because they should never have been brought into the school. The yard sale queen had lots of dirty, broken, and really smelly items. I could not…