Stylish Blogger Award

I feel so honored to be given a blog award.

Thank you so much Caroline!  To be recognized by someone as talented as you is a true honor! :)
View her blog Here and her wonderful work!  She has wonderful tutorials that I have learned from! :)

Thank you again, and now along with the rules of the blogger award I must share 8 things with you about me!

1.  I am totally in love with my family. 

2.  I love Scrapbooking to a point where it is almost unhealthy.

3. I Love to shop for crafty goodies.

4.  I love my Cats and Dog.  They are so silly.

5.  I love Chocolate and Coffee.

6.  I love the color purple and plan on painting my VW Bug purple.

7.  Oh yea, I LOVE MY CAR...her name is sunshine! :)

8.  Like Kate, I love my job!  I am a teacher for children with autism.

I am now passing this fabulous and stylish award to the following (in no particular order):

Heather - A Little Time

Jennifer and Summer - Cricut Diaries

Carolyn -  Carolyn's Creative Corner

Sharon - Sharon Langford Designs

Kristen - My fantabulous life

Kathea - Say it with ink

Deanna - Moments to Cherish

Deidre - Scrapperdee Rambling

Please go visit these wonderful ladies! :)   They are all deserving of the honor! :)

Have a great night!

On to other items... The Great Paper Purge is still in effect. I have never purged my paper.  Not to this extent anyway.  I have paper that I bought from Hobby Lobby when I first started buying paper.  This is some seriously ugly paper! I plan on making lots of envelopes! LOL.

Anyway, I think I have already given away 1000  sheets of paper in various RAKS.  Now I have probaby a foot of paper in a stack and I have only gone through half of my patterned paper.  So, now it is time to shred some of it to put in packages, and then I think I will have to send some to the scrapbook store to sell in consignment.  Some is going to my DD's school for donation.  Some of it is going to my classroom for various projects.  Still So much left.  I am seriously thinking the only thing different between me and the people on Hoarders is that I have it organized!  My dream is to get the room purged down and in order so I can get my dream desk!  We shall see.

Have a great night and don't forget to visit the ladies above and give them some love, they do beautiful work! :)


Kristen said…
Thank You so very much for giving me this blog award. I feel very honored to be chosen.
Carolyn/MamaC said…
What a wonderful way to start the week! Thank you for the blog award! And...thank you for the tremendous box of goodies that I received last week! I used some of the items on cards last night! Now to pass on the "Sylish Blogger Award"!
Deanna said…
aawww...thanks so much for the wonderful award, Laura! I feel so loved! Miss you at APIY too!
Heather said…
Thank you so much, Laura!
Anonymous said…
Thanks Laura! HUGGLES!

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