The Pony Express

Bethanie's 16th birthday, no big party, no super sweet sixteen. She just wanted a small quiet happy birthday party. It was just me and Branch as Billy was gone for work. We went the next night to her favorite place to eat with Daddy! :) She is such a beautiful happy girl. I am so honored to know her, and to think we made her...mind boggling!

Here are some promised pictures of Bethanie during her first horse back riding lesson. She looks so grown up, I swear every time my kids have a birthday I get sadder. I know they won't be living with me much longer. Although I will be excited for them to meet the next challenge in their life, it breaks my heart to think I won't be able to see them whenever I want to.

Bethanie loving being on the horse, when the lesson was over the first thing she said was it was too short! :)

Ok, so this is 2 posts in one weekend. That is unusual at best! :)

Enjoy the rest of the pics.

Bethanie just about done! :)

Bethanie smiling..."my legs hurt" Silly kitty that loved wanted all kinds of loving.


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