School's IN!!!

School's in and boy do I have a wonderful little bunch of students. So far I have 7 students and they are as cute as they can be! OH MY! I think I may be in love! :) I know I am. Well, here is what the classroom looks like now, (compared to the nightmare that used to be my classroom) :)

As soon as you walk into the room this is what you see. I have curtains over all the toys and distractions in the shelves. The kids have a hard time focusing if they have too many things to look at. It is rather soothing in the classroom now instead of hard to breath! :)
This is the table and the back counter and cabinets where we have lots of stuff hidden from the kids, but inviting too. :)
This is an over view of the room from the door, You can see the kitchen and household play, you see the rice table (it is the picnic table that opens up) The little table with the red chairs is the art center, the back table is the job table/lunch table. In the far corner of the room is my desk and the kitchen area. :)
In other news. Bethanie and Branch are now in High School Together. Branch is a Senior, and Bethanie is a Freshman. I can't believe both of my babies are in the same school again. It has been a very long time since that has happened. (Bethanie was in 2nd grade when Branch moved up) :( Branch loves being a senior, Bethanie is still unsure of herself in the high school but she will love it in time. (I HOPE)!
So, Mom is still in the Hospital in Atlanta, we are hoping that she will get moved to the Warm Springs Roosevelt Institute for Rehabilitation soon, it is killing dad to have to drive to Atlanta every day.
I am starting to love my job again at OBE (The best place to be...)
Have a great night and I will be posting my September Layout soon for GettinSketchy!


Thea said…
Great Classroom! Good job!

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