December Goal Challenge

A scrapper's Goal is sometimes elusive, but when we set one up, it tends to give us motivation to scrap. Kind of like wanting to be a teacher made me go through 5 years of college and lots of irritation for very little pay! :) Ok, so I love my kids and that makes it all worth while and I always have a new set of babies to scrap.

My goals for this weekend are 2 pages on my Calendars (this is finish May and get June done!)
This is what they looked like in the beginning! :) So, I have made progress from there and that motivates me to finish!

That is a total of 6 pages. Let's see if I can do it! :)

I also have lots of die cuts and things to make for the bulletin board at school too. :) I may show that later, if I get the pages done! :)

Put your goals in the comments below and if you meet all your goals I will put a small RAK in the mail to you on Monday! :)
Thanks for playing and have a fun!!! Now Set some goals and SCRAP!


Becky Kelly said…
My goal is 4 pages! :)
denise kerut said…
ok, my goal is 4 pages too! better get busy girls! thanks for the challenge laura. i needed it! i have been in a funky mood and maybe scrapping today will get me happy again. i know my dh and kids would like that! me too. and btw, your pages on here are lovely!
denise kerut
JBCrafter said…
My goal is to complete my 4 bday calendars. I have two about half done. I know that is a BIG goal for me, so we'll see how I do.
Rhonnie said…
Well I have 5 pics to scrap for my sister's work album that I've had for a while. I've been wanting to get those done. So that will be my goal.
I'm hoping for enough time to do some scrappy stuff for me as well but we'll see, lol.
denise said…
laura! I did it! i made 6 pages! you can see them here
thanks for the motivation to get scrapping!
JBCrafter said…
Well, here they are . . .


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