It's been a long time

It has been a long time since I blogged. Lots of things have happened...too much really.

My last day at Pea Ridge Elementary was June 8, 2008. I don't think I have ever been so sad about leaving a job in my life. I am excited about the new job but at the same time, I have never felt so much at home in a school. It was such a nice experience, I will miss all my friends.

(This is a bunch of the Pea Ridge Crew on my Birthday, From left to right...

Becca, Cindy, Amanda, Diane, Me, Bea, Tiffanie) (yes, Bea is real Michelle!) LOL

I am going to Oriole Beach Elementary as a Pre-K teacher of 3 year olds. I'm excited about the job but sad to leave my friends. I will be getting a pay raise in that I won't have to pay for the bridge or for gas, but I have a feeling I will be spending a LOT more time at school. Here is a picture of an extremely messy room. Hopefully the next time I blog about my room it will be nice and clean and ready for my students and parents for orientation! :)

More news in June...

My mom went into the hospital June 13, 2008 and is currently still there...she has been in 4 different hospitals and has had 3 different life threatening illnesses and I will be so glad when she finally gets to go home.

My Father in law (Billy Sr.) had a heart attack and a stroke at the same time as my mother's illness. My husband and I have asked God not to do that to us if he can help it. Each of us having a parent in the hospital at the same time was horrible...we were both so worried about our parents and each other. I am so grateful we still have them here in our lives and able to enjoy them.
July came and went, worried about parents, working in my new classroom...trying hard to enjoy all the people in our lives and make memories. Not fooling around with the computer as much and starting to scrapbook more! :)

My mom and my sister's birthday was yesterday. Lots of traveling this week. Monday Billy went to New Mexico for work, Tuesday I took the kids, and the dog to my mom and dad's...spent Wednesday with my mom at the hospital...then came home today. Lots of driving but so worth it to see my mom smile. I saw her and I cried my eyes out, she looked so much better than when I saw her last in I.C.U...she was in a coma, this time she could communicate with me. It was so much better. Thank you God for answering my prayers, I still have my mom!

Tomorrow brings in August and I'm a little bit Sad. Branch will be 18 this year. How did my boy get so old, how did I get so damn old? LOL. I'm so grateful that everything that the doctors told me was wrong! :) I am so glad that I never stop believing in him and that he knew it. :)

I guess I am too tired to make any more sense and I will be so happy my husband comes home tomorrow so i can finally get some sleep! :)

Good night and I will write again soon! :)



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