Happy Fall

Happy fall everyone! Boy it has been very busy this school year. It was kind of funny though because I have all the same students from last year plus one more. School started and new rules and regulations so I have been busy as ever just trying to get things set up. It is getting there but it just moving slower than I want. This is when I really could use Samantha's twitchy nose trick in Bewitched!

Billy has been home for months it has been awesome! We have been having so much fun together, it is going to end soon though. Billy has a trip planned in mid-October, he will be gone a week, but it will be a LONG week. We really like being married! :)

Branch is sitting in front of his giant t.v playing a game. LOL Bethanie caught him a little off gaurd with this photo. It is cute though! (do you see Bethanie's drum set...yes it is real, and yes it is loud, and yes she is very good)! I am still grateful for hearing aids though!

This is homecoming week for Bethanie so it has been a lot of busyness getting her to and from all of the events.

Bethanie and I before she went to the homecoming game to paint faces. She said she did lots of stripes in blue and gold under the eyes and lots of dolphins! :)

Isn't she the cutest little cowgirl you have ever seen. She looks just darn tootin! Too cute! :)
Love this little girl and she knows it! She is going to be proving her roots next week, she is going to be competing in a horse show! :) She is going to be jumping (little jumps) but big leaps of panic in my heart! :)

Oh well, I am ending this without any layouts or anything else to show off! :) I went to Scrap Pink weekend last weekend and completed a lot of pages and even a mini book about my car! :) I am going to share that next time!

Have a great weekend and Happy Fall Ya'll!


NancyK said…
Hi Laura! Just wanted to pop in and say hi! Thanks for commenting on my blog and coming to my copic class. Have a great Thanksgiving!

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