Ok, so here I am trying to get creative again in Scrapbooking. I have been creating a new me and creating a lot of stuff for school, but now it is time for me to create for ME!!!

I have joined the Cricut Circle and have recieved the coolest cartridge called French Manor. NOT FOR SALE! It has just been brand newly hooked up to my gypsy and is all MINE MINE MINE...mwahahaha!

I have also joined BPS in a class which I haven't done since Hawaii! Seriously! So, it was time! I am hoping to do the Library of Memories if Stacy has that available this year. I truly am looking to jumpstart my creativity as the Southern Scrap Escape was cancelled and totally bummed me out for a couple of months.

I am seriously reorganizing and purging some things that I have had for a long time and really not ever a huge fan of. Tried it and used as much as I'm ever going to use and time for the rest of it to go away. Now, back in the day where I had to have ALL of the papers in a line. I have grown up since then and order what I will use. (unless its on sale!!!) You remember the huge flower paper from Basic Grey, did we ever use it? Nope, I still have every piece in every line...Vagabond, Black Tie, etc. SEI simple sets....well, I'm kind of over them too. I just recently burned myself out on those papers with my Assistants Scrapbook for the school year 2009-2010.
Ok...So, now what am going to CREATE with all this stuff, well...right now I'm hoping to finish my car book and my kitty book. I am having fun with lots of new techniques, I have never tried. But right now it is time for me get back to cleaning and purging!
Back to show you some neat stuff soon!!!


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