Busy July

Wow what a busy July!

I have been making lots of pretties for Scrapfest at Lifetime Moments. I have been having so much fun this year. I have made lots of points and done lots of things I am proud of. I even got cards done! (I really don't like making cards, but this way I have what I need through the year). I even won a prize for June. I won a 20 Gift Certificate to the store. YAY scrappy shopping!

Bonnie and her Baby Dorian at Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. Awesome little guy, he is such a cute little baby. I can't wait to hug him and squeeze him!

This is the story of how Branch got his name. Click on the picture to get a bigger one so you can read it if you are so inclined! :)

This is just one of my favorite layouts from last month because it is just so Bethanie! So fun.

Just a little something for my MOM!!! Happy Birthday MOM!!!
I love you and miss you and it was so great seeing you last weekend! :)
Happy Birthday to my sister Jayne and have a Happy Anniversary!!!
OK, that is the fun stuff. Now here comes the not so fun stuff!
Billy has some stuff going on for August that will take him out of the picture for awhile. He has surgery on his eye the 14Th of August to clean up some blockages. His glaucoma is acting up and he has lost vision in both eyes, right now his left eye. (Dominant one of course) has some hemorrhaging and he needs to have surgery to fix it. It is going to be lasik in and out of the Dr. office, but it is still brings home the necessity to keep up with his eyes and medicines. Then he is going in the 18th of August for laproscopic hernia surgery. It is going to keep us busy. I just hope he doesn't hurt to badly, I hate for anyone in my family to feel pain.
August plans so far!
August 3 - 6, I have training for my new job.
August 6, go pick up Carl (Bethanie's friend, he is staying for a week). (Drop Hailey off at kennel)
August 7, Go to New Orleans to see Green Day
August 8, come back to FL to get Branch to guitar practice pick up Hailey.
August 9, Zoo
August 10, Beach
August 11, Movies/mall
August 12, pack and hang out at house (maybe go to Big Kahuna's still undecided)
August 13, take Carl back to Tallahasee to meet up with his mom.
August 14, Billy has surgery
August 17, I go back to work
August 18, Billy has surgery
August 24, Kids go back to school, Branch goes to SITE.
August 26, Connie's Birthday
August 29 Branch's Birthday
Wow, we have a lot planned already. :) I think I will be grateful for those times I can just sit! :)
So, if I don't blog much in August...well, you see why. :) Lots of things to take pictures of so I can SCRAP in the winter!
Ok, time to go! I have more cleaning and making curtains to do! (yes, I finally made the curtains for upstairs, just two more rooms to go. Branch's room and the master bathroom! YIPPEE!

Take care!!!!


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