May? Are you kidding me?

Happy National Scrapbook Day &
Cinco De Mayo

Well, National Scrapbook Day came and went (5-2-09) and boy did I get a lot done for it! LOL Some of it really good! :) I played mainly at A Peek Into Yesterday online like I normally do. I hit a couple of other sites too. Cocoa Daisy and Lifetime Moments. I really like Cocoa Daisy's kits and so cool to chat with Ali Edwards the week before NSD. I even won a May Kit! That saved me a little bit of money. Next month I will have to pay for my kit. (my last one :(

Here are the layouts I made over NSD... And then some family and job news!:)

This was supposed to be a digital challenge, but seeing I'm Photoshop Challenged I printed all the elements on sticky back transparency and stuck them on my layout! LOL. The ribbon actually was a NSD gift a few years ago from that store, so I finally used it. (At least 4 years ago) if I listened to all those ladies to "purge" my stuff, I wouldn't have had it! LOL

Oh darn, I just realized this is the unfinished layout without the After pictures of my space! LOL

This was the first challenge of the day, use 3 different scalloped edges...I used scalloped border punch, a punch out and then scalloped edge paper and sewed a scalloped edge under it. :) I used a Becky Fleck pagemap to make it go faster. I was soooooooooo done with sketches a few months back but in a pinch (challenge) they come in handy. :)

Ok, so this is a sketch challenge from Lifetime Moments by Got Sketch (I think)

Anywho, I liked the sketch for some of my fave pictures of Branch in Hawaii. It was his first stay at home Halloween and he was handing out the candy. Fun stuff.

So this challenge here was in honor of Kiersten Hickman-Perfetti...the resident goofball at APIY. She died last April of cancer. She was quite a character and she is definitely missed on our forums over there. She loved the Beatles and this challenge was to make a layout about the Beatles... Bethanie LOVES the Beatles...(bad mom I know) I got her into them...quite by accident. She loves the song Come Together and she had this image in her head of "Cane" the character in the song...and oh boy here he is. The first thing I thought of when I saw this picture of Cane was Kier...she would have absolutely loved it! Click on the picture to make it bigger.

Ok, so the last couple of years I have noticed I have been doing less and less pages of Branch. I think it is my DENIAL of him growing older...if I don't scrap him, he can't grow up. Well, then I started going back in time to do all his pictures...(still am, just not so far now) LOL

Here is Branch on the plane to Hawaii. Wow...this is a long time ago...7/30/2004. Miss my little guy sometimes...but so proud of the man he is becoming.

As a rule I am not crazy for Kraft colored paper, I just never have liked to use it unless it was used for fall layouts or moving! LOL But I really do like the new Fancy Pants line of Kraft paper so I'm giving it a chance. This was a 2 hour challenge to use Kraft paper, a Critter, and to mat your picture(s) in anything but black or white challenge. This is what I came up with. Zoe is cute no matter what! LOL Love that kid and so excited to see her at the end of the month.

Now onto family stuff:

Branch graduates from High School June 1, 2009 at 5:00 PM. WOW!!!
Here is the proof he is going to Graduate! I am so nuts about this kid and that he is going to graduate, it is just amazing to me. This kid is something else. I totally love that Autism is NOT holding him back.

Billy is a traveling man again, he will be leaving the day after Mother's Day and coming back on My birthday. Best Birthday present ever! Love that he supports me no matter what.
Job front..still not good. It doesn't look good for me to get a job next year at Oriole Beach Elementary. I will need a job but I may not be a teacher. We will see! :) I think we will be ok, without me working but it will be tighter than we are used to. I could like being a housewife again. It has been a long time since I had a "nice" house. I haven't decorated well since I started working, so I'm excited about having a pretty house again. Maybe going back to doing some quilting. I have been sewing some and doing other crafts, it's not always scrapbooking (hence my low total for the year) :) That is ok, though, I use my scrap supplies for so many things now, but mainly school.
Another note on the job front LICE!! Geez...we have lice in the room, one of the little girls has lice and then my assistant got it. I have been going through my hair every day with a lice comb just to make sure I don't have it. It is keeping me awake at night. I don't ever want to go through that nightmare again.
It is getting late and I need to go and get some things ready for my students tomorrow. We are making the "Mother's Day Gift" I hope all of you have a wonderful Spring and Summer, and I will keep ya'll posted on the graduation etc. :)
Thanks for reading! :)


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