Lots of them lately!!! It really is nice to be scrapping again! It is a way for me to not worry about the future is to look at and really love my life as is.

These are some of my most favorite recent layouts! :)

Billy and I on his birthday! :) December 27, 2008

This is Jayne and Leo on Thanksgiving

This is my Mom and Dad the middle of June 2008

This is the card Billy gave me for our sweet. I don't normally scrap cards, but it was just so sweet I couldn't let it fall into my memorabilia folder and be lost forever. So I did something with it while it was still laying on my desk.

Bethanie and Michelle in 1995 and in 2008...too cool, huh? This layout was noticed by Lifetime Moments and was featured in their newsletter. I know whoopie, but it did make my day! :) It is nice to be recognized for something you love to do. :)

Now most of these layouts are in answer to a challenge of some sort or another, but what I love about these layouts, even though they MEET the challenge they were not created for the challenge. Does that make sense? I didn't make the layout for the challenge, I have had a lot of these layouts sketched out even the photo I wanted to use but hadn't taken the time to do it yet. so I am very proud of these layouts in that they are Mine, totally mine, except for the love always, it was based on a Becky Fleck Page Map, but even then I followed it very loosely! :)

Some of these layouts are silly and some are sad, but they are all part of my life! :) I guess I'm over just putting the "good" in my scrapbooks, we've had some really sh!tty things happen the last couple of years and it needs to be there. Life isn't all good, if it were we wouldn't grow as human beings...(I don't just mean my waist line either...that is a product of chocolate!) :)

Ok...More pathetic kitty had to have surgery to remove 2 teeth, one of them his fangs because he likes to chew on metal and bad things. So, he lost his tooth. It is getting so expensive to have geriatric animals..they always need something! :) Of course I was on his bad list there for a couple of days after he had the surgery to remove the teeth and have his teeth cleaned up. (they look a lot healthier now, and no more bad kitty breath...blech)!

Billy is gone again, he will be back in a few days and then he stays home a few days and goes again, stays home a few days and goes again, it is sad. I hope March he is around a lot more! :)

Good night, I'm out of here, I'm going to try to get another layout or two done! :)


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